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Sep 15, 2018
by: Lisa

Can you please share how you managed to do it? I also have a dog with the same disorder. He's a VERY BIG dog who's afraid of so much. I can't change anything in the house or he isn't comfortable. The biggest issue is that he won't walk on anything except carpet (so I was going to suggest you put carpet on the stairs!).
I need to always have a carpeted "runner" going from the living room, through the entire kitchen, leading to the back door, so Java will go outside. I believe it's because the floor is slippery to him, but that's because he's so clumsy - he's a Great Lab (Great Dane / Lab mix).
He won't get into a car either, so I have to have the vet come to the house. I simply cannot force a dog that is bigger and taller than me into the car.
He has the sweetest, most gentle, most loving personality so it just tears me up that he is afraid of so much. Especially when it's his own tail that has scared him and he can't escape! LOL!

Jun 24, 2011
Got Eli to go down the steps!
by: Anonymous

We got Eli to go down the steps, I am very happy! Thanks for the tips, we need them!

That's wonderful to hear - congratulations!

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