How I make Dog Clothes
and Dog Toys

My Dog Clothing Experience
I made frilly dresses for my dogs by cutting out patterns from newspaper; then trying the newspaper to see how it looked placed on the dog. Then I adjusted it to fit perfectly and added lace to some and ruffles to other dresses.

I made the clothing to look like kids clothing not dogs clothes. I also made floppy hats to match, turned the front of the hats up and added a bow to each.

When taking the 4 legged child out I always got, "Where did you get that?"
I would say I made it.
I had so many people ask me to make their dogs clothes and coats that I made good money but found it did not leave me enough time to spend with my baby so I stopped, but still make dog clothes for my own 4 legged baby.

I make blankets to match all clothing and there is a dog shop that sells all kinds of shoes and socks for my baby so I do buy those. I also buy towels then put my baby's name on the washcloths and towels to match. After that I make robes to match the towels.

My 4 legged kid loves clothes but my dog is very tiny and gets cold easily.

I have always sewn many things when my children were small. Now they are grown with families of their own and I make things for my grandchildren, and that is where I get my dog clothes ideas from the patterns that I buy to make their clothing and little hats. I downsize to fit my dog.

The clothes you buy do not wash as well as the ones you make wash and wear as real people's clothing. The ones I make fit in all the right places as dogs are shaped different in different places... so just cut your own patterns and check them out before cutting the fabric, and you can have what you've been looking for in dog clothing. You are the designer!

Dog Toy Ideas
You can use denim jeans and make all kinds of toys - very small small dogs can choke on toys you buy. I double the denim to make sure my kid doesn't get the stuffing out or squeaky out and double stitch it...

You can make rag dolls or animal shapes into the toy - just trace the shape fish, cat, or doll to the size of the dog but sew strong stitches and double them for safety. I also make the toys so I don't worry about lead in toys like you buy.

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