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How to Make a Dog Toy:
Shake a bottle

by Linda
(Lancaster CA)

Start with a Plastic soda Bottle any size. Insert a few pieces of dog food. Screw the lid on tight. Give it a few shakes and make sure it has a good rattle. Cover the whole thing in fake fur, burlap, or any other tough fabric. I sew fur into a tube and sew up one end with the sewing machine. Insert the bottle and then hand sew it closed with Dental floss. That way the fur can be removed and reused it the toy gets flattened.

My dogs love to bite the toy and hear it snap and rattle. It is a great way to get my Collie puppy's attention by shaking it. It is by far the best dog toy (besides Frisbee) that we have owned.

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Shake a bottle

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by: jess

hi, i tried this yesterday, how ever my 7 mth old labby got bored receiving nothing for his efforts. So i cut 3 holes, about 2 inches long, and 1 cm wide. and that way when he rolls it on the ground, treats roll out. he loves it alot.

good idea
by: Anonymous

I'll try this one.

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