How to Make a Leash

Easily learn how to make a leash!

If you're part of a busy household with one or more dogs and perhaps other critters as well, including younger humans, chances are that you'll need several leashes.

As you've probably experienced, eashes tend to get dragged through the mud (or worse), lost, misplaced, or left behind at home.

Several types of homemade leashes

Why Make Your Own?

We suggest that at all times you have at least one extra leash in the car, one in the home, and one in your backpack or purse, just in case. 

Now all those leashes can add up to quite an expense, unless you make your own. 

Another reason to make a leash yourself might be to acquire a distinctive look by applying your creativityRead on for ideas!

How to Make a Leash: 
Brief Guide to Instructions

Below is a description of each type of leash and a link to instructions on how to make them.

Each set of instructions includes information on the materials you can use (or scrounge) and precise directions for making the item along with pertinent photos.

Dog Bike Leash or The B-Loop

Make a simple and inexpensive device for your bicycle where you can safely attach your dog's leash and run him alongside.

I developed and used one of these for several years with Comet after I was pulled off my bike when he lunged after a cat that I didn't realize was there. The gash in my leg persuaded me to try something different than holding the leash in my hand...

Braided Rope Leash

A simple, three-strand braid using cord makes the rope portion of this leash. Learn how to secure a handle and add a snap so that you're ready to roll!

Comfortable Dog Leash

Of course, the ideal is a well trained dog that never pulls while on leash. However, many dogs do. If your dog's leash cuts into your hand, you can make a leash that's comfortable to hold no matter how hard your dog jerks. An alternative option is the Quick Dog Leash (see below).

Small dog leash made out of braided (plaited) yarns

Easy Rope Leash

Got rope? Need to make a dog leash in a hurry for temporary use? You're good to go!

Quick Dog Leash

Another design that is fast to make and has a handle that is padded for owner comfort. This one uses nylon rope with a metal snap.

Personalized Dog Leashes (shown above)

These braided dog leashes are made of multiple strands of colored yarn. Naturally, you can choose your own colors and weight of yarn. This is recommended for small dogs only at this time since we cannot guarantee the strength for a bigger dog.

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