How To Make Cheap
Home Made Dog Clothes

by Ms. Sock Lady

well i have two dogs and a cat and i love making them all kinds of stuff. clothes exspecially. heres a tip for people who have small dogs and how to make them clothes. now it's very cheap and i think the right one will work.

first go to your store and look in the sock section. yes i said sock section. pick out cute designs for your boy or girl dog. buy them and go home. cut the sock in half from the heel and make arm holes in the top part with scissors. now if you want to make a hoody for your dog then take the heel part and do the same.

now if you this for your dog, please add your idea on this page so i can see it. i would really like to see pictures too. im sure your dog or cat would look lovly in these outfits.

Editor's note: Make sure the sock is not too tight on your dog (or cat)!

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Home Made Dog Clothes

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Oct 05, 2015
say what ??
by: Anonymous

I do not get the directions Sorry guys but i am new at sewing and I need pictures. I just can not picture how a dog would fit in a mans sock. Let alone a womans and I have a chi. Over my head. lol

Here's a link to a page with photos that show how to take a sock and turn it into a doggie sweater - Romprescue DIY Dog Clothes - just scroll down to the third entry for the DIY Dog Sweater. Jo

Nov 07, 2011
by: Hannah

LOVE your idea. I have a miniature dachshund I am trying to fix up for winter,and I think this might work. I just need a long sock, he's a lot longer than your Chihuahua there. :D Keep up the good work!


Nov 05, 2009
I think i get it.
by: Teresa

I think i get it. I have a mini/toy poodle that takes after more of a mini poodle andd i took one of my socks and laid it over her and it was too small, and they're size 8-11! so i'll look in the mens sock section and its november and holiday stuff is coming out. maybe i can find some cool socks. Or, I've always wanted to try and tye-dye, now my mom might buy me a kit.

Sep 14, 2008
Great tip
by: Lisa

I am sending a link to this page to my friends with small dogs. They will love it. Thanks

Sep 07, 2008
by: lizzie

i love your idea. you know i hate buying really expensive dog clothes and this is far cheaper. and socky the rat terrier sounds adorable. i have 2 chiwawas and 1 beagle. i dress them up all the time. im about to get maltese. my mother has a dog too. it's a dachunds. my sister is soon in the near future going to get a snacher. something like that. n-e-ways my point is socks dont fit on some of the dogs and with your creativity i bet you could sell dog clothes. you know make 'em. i would totally buy them. trust me. and i bet you could make my dogs look adorable. well bye sock lady. keep coming with the ideas. and try to sell dog clothes. i'll be back to read more stories. love ya and your cat too. bye.
XOXO Lizzie.

Aug 17, 2008
Love this Idea
by: Anonymous

I am not sure I understand the directions completely I wish I could see one. I have a couple of friends with Chihuahua's or similar type dogs and I know one always has outfits for her dogs and this could save her some money and still keep her dog warm in our colder climate. Thanks for the tip.

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