How To Make Dog Bows:
Layered Barette

The completed layered dog bow on a metal barrette

If you want to learn how to make dog bows, the layered bow is a relatively easy one to create.

Although the instructions call for two types or ribbon, transparent and opaque, you can substitute any combination of ribbon that you like.

If you have no ribbon on hand but lots of scrap fabric, consider making your own dog bow ribbon.


This type of bow should cost you very little to make, especially if you can get barrettes at a bargain store like Dollar Tree in the U.S.

  • Transparent ribbon 6 inches(150mm) long; about 1 inch (25mm) wide
  • Opaque ribbon in matching color 7 1/2 inches (190mm) long and about 3/8 inch (10mm) wide
  • Sticky tape: any kind you have
  • Matching color thread
  • Metal or plastic barrette
  • Hot glue gun (preferred) or Tacky glue

Instructions for the Layers


Starting the layered dog bow
  • Cut a narrow strip of tape (less than 1/4 inch wide) and fold it so it's sticky on both sides,
  • Apply to the center of your ribbon (per yellow bar in photo), or
  • Glue a narrow strip across the middle of your ribbon.

Folding over ends of ribbon to make a layer of the dog bow
  • Fold the ends of the ribbon over to the middle and stick them onto the tape or glue strip
  • Take thread and wrap it around the middle tightly several times
  • It should bunch up and form your bow
  • Bind off securely by tucking thread through a loop twice

           MIDDLE LAYER

  • Cut your opaque ribbon at 5 inches
  • Fold one end to the middle and twist
  • Glue the shiny side of this end to the non-shiny side of the middle
  • Take the other end and twist and glue in the same way
  • Glue this Middle Bow onto the center of your Bottom Bow
Top Knot of layered dog bow on barrette

           TOP KNOT

  • With your remaining piece of ribbon, tie a single knot loosely in the center
  • Twist so both ends are shiny side up
  • Pull a little more firmly
  • Place in the middle of the preceding bows and adjust the knot for the best look.

How to Make Dog Bows:
Assembly Onto the Barrette


  • Glue Top Knot onto center of Middle Layer
  • Glue Bottom Layer onto barrette
  • Take ends of Top Knot and glue underneath the barrette


  • Take two or more Middle Layers and glue them onto your Bottom Layer; then apply a Top Knot over that as described above.


  • Use a bead, button, different colored ribbon, silk flower, or any other kind of decoration for the Top Knot.
  • Glue or sew in place.

Thanks for giving how to make dog bows a try!

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