How To Make Dog Bows On Barrettes:
Style 3: Ruffled Bow

A ruffled dog bow with button in the middle made of homemade ribbon from an old plaid shirt

You can easily learn how to make dog bows on barrettes.

As with the Layered Bow, there are many variations possible.

The ribbon used in the photos was made from an old plaid shirt.

I didn't have any ribbon on hand so I rummaged around until I found that shirt, and then made my own ribbon for this project. I had intended to make a matching bandana or perhaps a doggie shirt - one of those back burner things that will likely never happen... But please don't let that stop you!

Materials and Preparation


  • Ribbon: About 14 inches (350 mm) long and 1 inch (25 mm) wide
  • Needle and Thread
  • Metal or plastic barrette
  • Straight pins or a pen for marking



  • Cut your ribbon ends at matching angles so you have two points.
  • Use pen or a pin to mark the ribbon an inch (25 mm) from each point.
  • Between those first marks, make four marks at 2-inch (50 mm) intervals.
  • For each mark, take about 6 inches (150 mm) of double thread and sew a line.
  • Sew back across and leave the thread ends loose.
  • We used blue thread to demonstrate. You can use thread that matches your ribbon.

Creating the Ruffles

Pulling the dog bow ribbon into a ruffle
  • Start with one end by pulling your first thread tight.
  • The ribbon should bunch up.
  • Add a needle to this thread and wrap around the bunched area twice.
  • Then take the needle and thread and weave under the barrette and over the bunched area a few times.
  • You can take your needle through the bunched area a few times as well. Just make sure you are not getting the thread around the clasp or spring.
  • When done, secure your thread and cut off the excess.
  • Continue with the next threads, folding up the ribbon in between each time.
  • You should end up with six ruffles and two pointy ends.
  • Adjust the spacing of the ruffles along the barrette and glue your ornament in the center.

Ruffled dog bow on a barrette with a yellow rose in the middle

Above is a picture of the same bow as at the top of the page with a different ornament in the middle.

When I showed Comet the first one I'd made, he gave me a look that said, “Not in my fur, Mama!” So I gave it to a more appreciative doggie...

I must say, I found it amazing that it was so easy to teach myself how to make dog bows on barrettes. Why not give it a try - it's much less complicated than it looks!


How to Make Dog Bows on Barrettes:

The whole idea is to keep your measurements symmetrical so the final effect looks good. Some possible variations for how to make dog bows on barrettes are:

  • Use thinner ribbon and space things a little more closely, say 1.75 inches (45 mm), or use wider ribbon and put spacing at 2.5-inch (60 mm) intervals.
  • Your ribbon could be shorter or longer so you have between four and ten ruffles on the barrette.

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