How to Make Dog Collar Decorations

by Weaving or Braiding Yarn

Discover how to make dog collar decorations out of woven yarn.

This is an easy way to spruce up or add holiday or sports team colors to your dog's collar.

The shamrock at right was made using 4 strands for the weaving using two contrasting colors.

The technique is one I learned from a book years ago, called off-loom weaving.

As the name suggests, no loom is needed, you just need something to keep one end stationary and provide tension.

This could be a ladder backed chair, a towel bar, or the knob on a locked door. Other alternatives include wrapping the yarn around a stick or dowel and taping it to a surface or trapping it behind something.

I'll start by explaining how to do a 4-strand weaving, using a dowel as the anchor, followed by how to weave 6, 16 and even 20 strands.

How to Make Dog Collar Decorations:
4-Strand Weaving

Setting Up

  1. Double a 48-inch (1220mm) piece of one color yarn and loop it around the dowel.
  2. Pull the loose ends through the loop, even the strands, and tighten.
  3. Take your next color yarn (or the same color if you like) and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. You should now have four strands of about the same length on your dowel.


  1. Start on one side and work from that side only.
  2. Weave Strand 1 over Strand 2, under Strand 3, and over Strand 4
  3. Hold Strand 1 out to the side with one hand till it gets woven in the next round.
  4. Hold Strands 2-4 with your other hand in the other direction.
  5. Now take Strand 2 and weave overunder and over.
  6. Repeat with Strands 3 and 4.
  7. Firm up the weave by pulling on individual strands with an even tension.
  8. Continue until you have the length you want or are about 2 inches (50 mm) from the end of your shortest strand.
  9. To take care of loose ends, see Finishing the Weavings below.

How to Make Dog Collar Decorations:
Weaving 6, 16 or 20 Strands

Domino 5
Angled stripe

Domino 5 design

6 strands: 2 Red, 2 Dark blue, 2 Red

Angled Stripe design

16 strands: 6 Light Green, 4 Green, 6 Light Green

Chevron design

20 strands: 4 Blue, 4 White, 4 Red, 4 White, 4 Blue

How to Weave:

Each of these multi-stranded designs is worked the same way:

  1. Starting on the left side, take the first strand over, under, over, under until you have gone over half the strands.
  2. Then go to the right side, take the last strand, and do the opposite: under, over, under, over until you have gone over to the middle and over the first strand.
  3. Go back to the left side and repeat the sequence, pulling on each strand in turn after weaving both side.
  4. This should get the weave from previous rows closer together and looking fairly uniform.
  5. Repeat until you have the desired length. Finish as described below.

Finishing the Weavings

  1. Decide which side you want for your right (best looking) side.
  2. Weave the remaining strands back into the wrong side using either a needle or crochet hook.
  3. Try to weave each strand into its same color.
  4. Cut off protruding pieces.

Other Decorative Options 

Combine techniques you've learned here about how to make dog collar decorations into a St. Patrick's Day theme for your dog's collar.

Note that Homemade Pom Poms can also be added provide a decorative effect.

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