how to make dog toys:
sling bird

by briana
(blue spring, mo)

I made it out of a tennis ball and a feather and this might be gross but i put a little bird urine on it to give it that smell that triggers the hunting mood.

My dog Roxxy loves it because it gives her the chance to see what its like to go bird hunting or really chase an animal. she has been indoors all her life and it kinda worries me because ever since our beagle angle died I have been scared to let her get near another dog. She might be aggressive towards that other dog.

i know this is not an advice page but, could you maybe tell me if this toy is right for her?. Thanks

Editor's note: Briana, we have tried to contact you through email to answer this. Please set your spam filter to allow emails from * (We do not publish our full email to prevent spammers from clogging our system).

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