How to make dog toys:
Tennis Ball Slingshot

by Anna

  • Find two sticks about 24-30 inches long.

  • Take a strong rubber band and band them together at one end.

  • Tie each end of a long sock to one of the open ends of the sticks to make a sling between the sticks.

  • Put a tennis ball in the middle of the sling.

  • Take two strings of some sort (could be cut open rubber bands).

  • Tie the strings on the sides where the tennis ball is.

  • Hold the together end of the sticks with one hand, squeeze the top and bottom of the tennis ball with the other and pull back and let go.

Extra- for dogs that bring ball back but won't let go- keep two tennis balls and after the dog brings one back slingshot the other so he'll drop it and chase that one. Do it over and over.

Editor's Note: Anna, thank you for this creative idea! I tried making one and added a couple of details to your instructions for clarity, although I'm not sure what the extra strings are for. (You can use the Comment feature if you want to reply).

I found if I keep the sticks together at the ball end, it holds the ball in there. To get ready to launch it, I put that end back over my shoulder, then bring it forward and use my hands to open the sticks at the right time so the ball can fly forward.

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