How to Make Dog Toys

Learn how to make dog toys out of sticks and rags as well as other materials!

Comet, our GSD mix, was a very intelligent dog and easily bored.

On this page, I describe how to make the Paddio Stick and Paddio Crossie. Comet found these very entertaining because when we threw or rolled them, they moved in unpredictable ways.

(See how to make dog toys that are homemade, if you prefer to make something else today).

Comet, our GSD, holding onto his Paddio Crossie, a toy made out of sticks and ragsComet holding onto a Paddio Crossie

Once he caught up to a Paddio Stick or Crossie, Comet could chew to his heart's content since I could always make another!

NOTE: MUST BE SUPERVISED. As with any chew toy, homemade or not, please do not leave your dog alone with it.

Materials for Paddio Stick

  • A large old T-shirt, sheet, socks or any clothing article you can make into strips
  • Colored tape or rag of a different color than the shirt
  • Sticks, 1 /2 to 1 inch (15 to 25 mm) in diameter, about a foot long

Note: Green sticks that bend rather than break, are preferable, and crooked sticks rather than totally straight add a little extra fun. If the ends are really pointed and sharp, saw them and sand the edges so they are rounded.

How to Make Dog Toys
Instructions: Paddio Stick & Paddio Crossie

For the basic Paddio Stick:

  • Cut/tear strips about 2 inches (5 cm) wide and as long as possible from the T-shirt ([If you tear horizontally you'll get the longest pieces]
  • Take a strip of rag and lay the stick on it.
  • Wrap lengthwise a couple of times, covering the ends of the stick.
  • Tightly wind the rest of your strip around the stick and previous wrapping.
  • When that strip ends, start with another, overlapping the ends.
  • Keep on with another strip or two, remembering to wrap tightly.
  • Tuck the last end under previous wraps, using a knife to help.
  • For a decorative touch, apply plastic tape or a different colored strip around the ends.

For the Paddio Crossie:

  • Take two sticks and wrap per above.
  • Lay them crosswise and use another strip of rag to bind them firmly together in the middle.

Instructions: Paddio Triangle

The following Triangle toy is similar, only you'll need three sticks.

Comet really enjoyed chewing on this one because he could hold onto it so well with his paws.

Comet chewing on a Paddio TriangleA DIY chew and fetch toy Comet could hold onto, the Paddio Triangle
  • Take three sticks and wrap each of them per the Crossie above
  • Lay the sticks in a triangle, leaving about 2 inches (5 cm) sticking out at the ends
  • Wrap each corner firmly, going around and between each stick
  • To finish off, tie a knot and tuck the ends under a wrap
  • When you have all three angles done, add tape as desired

Uses: Play fetch by throwing or rolling along the ground or give to your puppy to chew on (under supervision only)

Thanks for being willing to learn how to make dog toys! [The first time I typed that it came out as "hog" toys - maybe they'll work for a pet pig too! :-) Jo]