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How to recycle paper towel tubes!

by Jessica

Hi! It's me Jessica again and guess what? After my daughter invented the Swing-a-shirt, she made a new toy! {Cheers)

So, you will need the following:
Two of those cardboard tubes that come inside paper towel rolls (for small dogs maybe the toilet paper tubes would work better)
Some duct or masking tape
Some cellophane or treats for stuffing, and
Fabric strips.

First, place the tubes side by side so that the top and bottom line up. Note, though, that if you don't line them up it might be more fun but it will be more difficult to make and won't last as long.

Next, tape them together securely. Tape up one of the openings on each tube and either stuff them with cellophane (so it makes crackling sounds when squeezed) or put a few treats or pieces of cereal in them. Maybe try one of each!

Then, tape up the other ends and start wrapping fabric strips around the whole toy, tying the ends together. When the entire toy is completely wrapped, throw it and say "Go fetch!"

See how easy that was?

If you have questions, please leave them in the comment box and I'll get to them sometime.

Comments for How to recycle paper towel tubes!

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tear up?
by: Anonymous

wouldn't the dog tear up the toilet paper tube?

No more treats??
by: James

To cut down on the "treats, I simply put the smell of a treat on my dog's toys. He never has figured out that there isn't anything to eat there.

Cool but...
by: Anonymous

cool but i dont think my dog should have any more treats... and if there's not any treats my dog will get bored. Do u hav any ideas?

Yes I can see why
by: Jessica

That sounds like a dilema! Ok. So DON'T use tp tubes! :-)

toilet paper tubes...bad thing
by: Viki

I would never recommend t.p. tubes being used for anything involving a dog...this comes from first hand knowledge.

We used to let our puppies play with the t.p. tubes and they LOVED them. They LOVED them way too much...

When we got home from work (this was after the puppies were old enough to be out of the crate) we found our house toilet papered one day. It had been months since the pups had played with the tubes, graduating to things like kongs. But I am guessing the old memory cells kicked in and the thought of a tasty t.p. tube came to mind.

Since they couldn't find any empty tubes they figured they could coax the tube out of the middle of the paper. Apparently THAT was way more fun then just the tube as they not only took the tubes off the holders (two bathrooms!) but also opened the cabinets and got the entire stash!

I imagine also that there was some "I got it and you doooon't" going on as there wasn't a room in the house that didn't have some t.p. in it.

The worst part of this story is yet to be revealed...our dogs lived another 13 and 14 years but the thought of that wonderful day never left them. We could no longer leave a roll on the roller and had to tie the cabinets shut for the rest of their long lives.

So, I would NEVER recommend toilet paper tubes. SMILES!!!

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