Indesctructible Dog Toy: PVC Pipe - large round corners

by Valerie
(North Carolina)

A large PVC pipe corner (about 8-10 inches long) with peanut butter dog treat spread inside(or not). Lab loves it! Can grab it by the ends and can fit snout inside and chews on the pipe but can't destroy it.

Editor's note: That sounds like a very cheap indestructible dog toy, as well as easy to clean.

However we are wondering whether you meant a pipe elbow (which is one pipe that has a bend in the middle anywhere from 11 to 90 degrees) and how much of a bend the PVC pipe that your dog is chewing on has. Pipe corners are apparently 3-way or 4-way pipe connectors. We found this information at Glossary of PVC Pipe Fittings

Also wondering what diameter of pipe you are using with your Lab for this unusual dog toy.

(Simply write back in the Comments section and we will add the information to this idea.) Thanks, Valerie!

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