Indoor dog toy:
Neverending Frisbee

by ab
(Florida )

Take the lid of a quart size yogurt or cottage cheese container (use a smaller lid 6 ounce yogurt for small dogs). Don't bother to clean it....your dog will lick any yogurt off the lid.

THROW the new INDOOR Frisbee around inside the house. This lightweight, fast flying Frisbee will not damage household items, it flies very fast, and gives your dog a great indoor game.

PS: If your dog is a chewer like mine, be sure to remove the toy if they start using it as a chew toy instead of just a catch and retrieve toy. Monitor their play. My dog knows when I open yogurt now that he is going to get a new toy!

BONUS: Most of these containers are #5 lids and are nonrecyclable, so you are recycling something even though it's not officially recyclable!

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