Make Inexpensive Dog Toys for Tugging

Make your own inexpensive dog toys for tugging using rags, denim and miscellaneous stuff!

On the previous page, we presented ideas about low cost homemade tug toys made of fleece, rope and socks.

Toy dog bone made from rag strips

On this page, we'll showcase visitor contributions for homemade tug toys from other materials.

Many of these can be considered large breed dog toys because they can withstand heavy duty use.

If you're interested in making other types of inexpensive dog toys for chewing or exercise, browse around at Homemade Dog Toys.

The photos at left show a friend's dog, Chili, with the Fabric Scraps Bone I made for him. I created this colorful bone from the instructions outlined below.

Homemade Dog Toys From Rags

Fabric Scraps Bone by an Anonymous Contributor

Make a ring out of a strip of fabric and tie smaller strips of fabric around the ring until full. Take both sides of the ring and tie them together to get a stick-like figure. Then around the figure tie some more strips until the toy feels solid. 

Start with a fabric ring from cutting off the bottom of a pants leg
Add strips of fabric around the ring by knotting on top and underneath

The size you need to make depends on the size/build of your dog. 

You can also make a similar circular toy by just making the ring and tying strips of fabric around the ring.

The Shirt Braid by Christine from Montana

A wonderful easy thing to make. Just take some old T-shirts and cut it into even strips but not too wide. Then Put the strips into three sections and braid them together! My dog loves this and is a great tug-o-war toy! It is so much cheaper than from the store and this one never breaks!

Here's a similar version: Rag-Wad by Chloe from Pennsylvania

Shred old clothes/rags into long strips, then soak in water. Air dry. When dry, braid strips together and braid several braids together. Continue until you have a large wad or strip or firmly braided rags. Give to dog.

Towel Tug-of-War Toy by an Anonymous Contributor

You take an old, raggedy dog towel you don't use. 
Then you roll it up hot dog style.
Cut a hole through the roll at each end. 
Use a rope or strip of towel and put it through the holes then tie it where the two ends of the strip meet. 
Use another dog towel and cut it in 5 different strips. 
Tie the strips on the roll wherever you choose to do so. 

When you're done your dog will have a homemade tug-a-war towel dog toy that he or she will love, at least mine did!

Homemade Tug Toys From Denim Material

Jean Tug Toy by Shannon from Richmond, Virginia

I took an old pair of jeans and ripped them in one long piece and then tied a knot in the center. I have a pit bull so he loves to play tug of war and he also likes to chew on the knot. It is very durable!

Durable Dog Toy for Tug-of-War by Linda S. from Pocatello, Idaho

This durable dog toy is very easy to make and makes a great tug-of-war toy.

I cut the leg off of an old pair of blue jeans and sewed up the small end. I then put a sqeaky ball in it and sewed it up in there so it could not come out, and presto, my first home made dog toy came to be!

Comment received:

Lisa said: I had done something very similar when my dog was younger. She was hard on her toys and this was a great one! 

See here for detailed instructions for a Denim Dog Toy submitted by TheAbsoluteNorm from Ontario, Canada.

Braided fun by Aja V.

All I did was cut the legs off (each leg) so that I had two tube-like pieces of jeans. Then I cut a line up the middle of the leg so that it was one piece of cloth. After that I cut three long even pieces of cloth (on both) then just started to braid them!!! 

These are my dog's favorite inexpensive dog toys for tugging, and I am thinking about making another set because these two are getting torn to shreds.

Thanx, and hope you liked the idea!

Homemade tug toy from jeans by Samantha from Bayonne, NJ

Well I took my jean pants I didn't need and cut 3 strips off of it. Next I tied the top in a knot. Next I braided it with the 3 strips and when I couldn't braid it any more I tied that end. 
My dog wants me to play tug of war with her every day!!!

Inexpensive Dog Toys From Other Materials

Belt Rope by Alex from Reichard

I took a whole bunch of belts (5) and I twisted them together and tied a knot in them at the end.

Editor's suggestion: Cut off any metal or plastic parts first so dogs do not hurt their teeth. The stronger the material used in the belts, the better large breed dog toys these would make.

Inexpensive Dog Toy Made From Felt by Adrianne Chin, Pennsylvania

I start with 3 different colors of heavy felt (sold by the yard at the fabric store). You will need 2 strips of each color each about 3 feet long.

Take one of each color, make a tight knot at one end to tie them all together, and braid, then knot them at the end.

Do the same braid to the other 3 strips.

Tie the 2 braids together in the middle. This make a great fetch or tug of war dog toy.

Oh Favorite Game - String Tug-a-war Toy by Alexis, Penn.

Crochet some strings. 
Twine them together.
Tie 2 knots, one at each end.

Jo notes: Alexis, this sounds like a sturdy tug-o-war dog toy, although it would seem that the crocheted strings would hold together better if they were braided (plaited) rather than just twisted around each other. Also, since string is a rather thin material you may need more than three sets of these crocheted strings to make a rope thick enough for some dogs to enjoy. 

There are instructions for braiding more than three strands on our How to make dog collar decorations page. The first directions are for four-strand braiding and then for six strands.

Cool Tugawar Tug Toy Made of Wool! by an Anonymous Contributor

Takes about 1/2 an hour (depending on how fast you can plait)

All you need to make this is wool!

  • Measure out 9 lengths of wool all about 40cm - 50cm
  • Plait the first three, being sure to leave about 7cm unplaited at each end (it helps to tie a knot in it to start with)
  • Then repeat with the next lots of wool.
  • Once you have done that undo the knots you put in (if you have) and plait these plaits together (again leaving the unplaited wool unplaited)
  • Then knot the ends of the whole thing leaving (again) the unplaited bit unplaited

This makes a great inexpensive dog toy for tugawar and my Chihuahua absolutely loves it (so do our other dogs but the Chihuahua especially goes nuts over it!).

Miscellaneous Ideas

Other ideas for homemade tug toys include: The Best Knitted Homemade Tug Toys Ever

We hope you found these ideas useful!

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