Instant Homemade Doggie Sweater

by Randee Burke
( Northern California)

Chibi's first navy blue sweater

Chibi's first navy blue sweater

Just before Thanksgiving my neighbors found a small chihuahua mix puppy in the street. They could not find the owners and because of their two big dogs, could not keep her. I took her and continued looking for her "parents", but no one seemed to be looking for her (Yes, I checked for a microchip). Anyway, I found that if I cut off the arm of an old turtleneck sweater and cut out two holes where the legs would be, it made a perfect free homemade doggie sweater for the puppy. The cuff of the sleeve was just right around her little neck and she was nice and warm wearing this. It was quick and easy and free. I didn't want to go out and spend money for something to keep her warm, since I might have to give her back soon. But as it turns out, she's my new little blessing! I have now made three different colored sweaters for her..all from my old turtleneck tops.

Editor's note: Congratulations on your new adoption - looks like she had a warm welcome!

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Nov 13, 2018
by: Susan

What a lucky puppy to have found you ❤️

Apr 03, 2014
New Puppy
by: Liane

Who would abandon such a beautiful looking puppy? You're very lucky to have her. Thanks for making the effort to put up all the patterns. Makes life easier for all of us looking for them. As for the person complaining about the unfinished seams - well, I guess she can finish them herself if she's so fussy. Me, I'm just really grateful to find patterns at all. My dog is 15 - he was abandoned too. What a special little dog he has always been. I'm so glad I have him.

Feb 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

She's adorable. Sweaters cute but all I see are the unfinished edges.

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