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Interesting Water Bottle

by Annie
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

If you take one of those golf club covers that are fake fur on one end, knit like a sock on the other end, and put an empty water bottle with the cap removed inside of it you will have a very
interested pooch. I found some in a junk store for 50 cents each.

My dog plays tug with it. I will allow him to lie on the floor with it crunching the bottle that is encased in the fur. I have seen similar toys on the Clean Run site but of course they were way more expensive. I have terriers and I believe they pretend that they are crushing something to death. Test drive one and you'll see what I mean. It's way too much fun LOL.

Editor's note: Truly an unusual dog toy! We'll be keeping our eyes out for a cover or two so we can try this out on Comet...

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