Karma: Service pup in training

by Vicki Gentilman
(Sarasota, FL USA)

The face I fell in love with

The face I fell in love with

The face I fell in love with
Billy and Karma's first walk
comforting dad
in training vest

In September I saw a puppy on Facebook that took my breath away. Against all of my senses I knew I HAD to have that pup. She had been thrown out of a moving car in Knoxville, TN. She wasn't hurt but needed a home. It took about a week and a half to arrange things but she caught a flight from Knoxville to Macon, GA, with Pilots and Paws then some friends picked her up and drove her to Zephyrhills, FL, where we picked her up. I was already in love even before I caught a glimpse of her polka dotted tongue. That was TOO cute! :-)

Right away she knew my husband was her person. He lost his partner, Hannah, in January and still wasn't sure he was ready for a new partner but Karma knew he needed her. Although she loves training with me, she wants him in her sight. I love that she loves him!

Beside learning basic commands, house manners and housebreaking, Karma is learning tasks that will help Billy with daily living. In 3 months she has learned: sit, down, wait, get it, bring, give, tug, up touch, go, under, crawl, place (heel), side (on right side) go through, right about, left left, right, left, over right, over left and around. She can take off shoes and socks, tug on jacket sleeves or pant cuffs and do automatic or controlled retrieval. She will be 6 months old in two weeks!

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Proud of my Karma
by: heidi

You are doing a great job training Karma for Billy. How I remember you telling me about her and praying you all shall get her. Well, you all did and so happy she has bonded so well with Billy and you as her teacher too - way to go. Hug her for me!

Karma indeed!
by: Johanna

Gosh, Viki - that is such a wonderful story of how Karma came into your lives - and her name seems so apt! How interesting that she bonded with Billy, knowing that he needed her.

I'm also amazed at how much she's learned under your tutelage in just a few months - and how young she is to boot. You truly are a fantastic dog trainer!

Rest assured, her photos will be home page news for January and February - and updates are always welcome!

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