Kitty Sock Puppet

by Naomi

I am planning a new dog toy for Shakespear! It is called a Kitty Sock.

How to make it:
1 sock;
black or purple felt;
needle and threadoptional - you can use glue or tape too;
google eyesoptional - you can write some eyes on it with a marker;
1 red or pink pompom for the nose - sew it on really well;
A marker to write in the whiskers and mouth;
and you're done!

This puppet is really cute! Play with your dog - they might like it!

Editor's note: Hi Naomi, that is a cute new dog toy idea! We would recommend writing in the eyes since it would be too easy for your dog's teeth to pull them off and then swallow them. If the nose is sewn on thoroughly, it should be ok to use a pompom.

P.S. This submission was moved to Unusual Dog Toys since you were not asking a question.

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