Knitted Dog Sweaters

Our guide to FREE patterns for knitted dog sweaters!

The first dog sweater I tried to knit was for Comet, since he was our only available dog, even though he really didn't need a sweater to keep warm.

Subsequent sweaters were knitted or crocheted for Pebble, our Chiweenie, who easily got chilled.

Below is a collection of free patterns that we recommend if you want to try your hand at making a sweater for your dog.

An aqua one-piece sweater made for Pebble although I haven't put together the instructions as yet

Comet's Knitted Sweater

A large blue dog sweater consisting of panels using different knitting patterns that anyone who can knit and purl can make.Multi-patterned sweater created for Comet that is far less complicated to knit than it looks.

This one was specially created by me for beginning knitters in mind, with complete instructions.  As with Pebble's autumn sweater, I tell you how you can adapt the measurements to your dog.

Comet's sweater consists of panels (sections) knitted separately, which are later sewn together.

These combine the two basic knit and purl stitches in different ways to result in four distinct patterns, including patchwork, moss stitch, stockinette and broken rib.

Pebble's Knitted Dog Sweaters

This was the first knitted  sweater I made for Pebble.

As usual, the colors used were based on yarns I had on hand.

Once I'd completed the basic sweater, I decided to add the autumn decorations, again using yarn scraps that were in my stash.

Instructions for this sweater can be viewed here.

 Patterns by Other People

There are many free patterns for dog sweaters and jackets on the web.

Although I haven't actually knitted any of the ones listed below, I have looked at the instructions and am giving you my opinion as to the level of knitting experience I feel would be required.

Note that most of these have no photos to help you see what the result should be.

Lavonne's Dog's Cabled Jacket

These instructions are for a dog measuring 8" width across the shoulders and 14" length along the back. They appear fairly straightforward. However, you will need to know or learn knitting jargon.

Pup Sweater from Midnight Knitter
This knitting pattern appears simple to adapt for all sizes of dogs and should be a fairly easy beginner's project.

Staceyjoy Elkins' Chihuaha Sweater
This one is a good project for beginners to learn shaping (increasing and decreasing).

We hope you find a pattern or two among the above that work for you and your dog!

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