Large Dog Halloween Costumes
and DIY Matching Outfits

Designs for making your own large dog Halloween costumes is part of what we offer on this page.

We also include ideas for complementary or matching outfits where either two or more dogs wear costumes that match (like The Boxer design at left), or a human wears an outfit that corresponds with what his or her dog is wearing.

For your convenience, we've marked the projects as Easy (E), Medium Difficulty (M) and Most Difficult (MD). Most require more time than skill.

Large Dog Costumes

Jack-O-Lantern (E)

Lady Bug (E)

More Large Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Beach Dude (E): A person choosing to remain anonymous contributed the followingGet cheap sunglasses (children's will work for some dogs), elastic, and hot or super glue. Glue [or tie] elastic to the ends of the sunglasses so it fits your dog comfortably. Don't make it too tight.

An individual named Brad commented that surgical or some other kind of flexible tubing can be used to cover the arms of the sunglasses and then placed over the dog's head - like Kroakie's from the 80's.

Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood (M) - This was one of my large dog Halloween costume ideas, which involved Comet dressing up as the Wolf and Jo as Red Riding Hood carrying a basket. Unfortunately, I didn't complete the project before he passed away.

Lion's Mane (M) - A great set of instructions from "scoochmaroo" on Instructables.

M&Ms (M): Selena who lives in the U.S.A. says - Go on Google and type in "images of M'n'M candies." 
Find ones that you like and print and cut them out.
Then find a top for your dog that fits very snug. Also find (or make) a hat, and legwarmers for your dog.
Then hot glue, staple, sew or tape the M'n'M pictures onto the top, the hat and the stockings.
Put them on your dog and you have a homemade dog costume!

Super Dog (MD): Joshua from Bedford, London in the U.K. suggests If you have a dog such as a Labrador, get an outgrown bright blue shirt for the shirt and the pants. Get the Superman logo on Google, print it out and stick it on the shirt. Stuff the shirt and pants to make it look like a short man. Create fake arms and hands by stuffing flesh colored material and attaching it to the sleeves of the shirt. Get red cloth for boots and a cape. Stuff the boots and attach to the pants. Add a belly strap to the cape and a neck strap with Velcro. Place the cape on the dog and Velcro the cape to the stuffed little man in front of the dog. 

Complementary or Matching Costumes

Joanne from Nevada came up with an ingenious idea for her beloved Boxer, Bobby, who uses a quad wheelchair.

A simple painted cardboard or thin plywood facade is all you need for this ice cream truck. Bobby, as the vendor, appears to be wearing a hooded white sweatshirt with three different stuffed "scoops" of ice cream made of appropriate colored fabric on his back.

Janet, a United States resident, didn't want to make outfits for her Maltese Terriers from scratch, but reported that she couldn't find any musketeer costumes for her dogs for under $75. 

So she ordered some much cheaper costumes that had capes, boots and hats. Then she removed some jeweled buttons that were on the hats and capes, and replaced them with the 3 different kinds/sizes of fleur de lys, to reinforce the 'Musketeers' theme. Above is the spectacular result!

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