A Rescue Story: Riley the Coonhound mix

by Cheryl
(Ontario, Canada)

Riley in her stylish winter coat

Riley in her stylish winter coat

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about our girl Riley. Riley is our 7 and a half month old black-and-tan Coonhound/Black Lab cross. Riley was rescued from under an abandoned house along with her two siblings at the age of 6 weeks, Unfortunately her mom was too skittish and they were unable to rescue her at the time. Riley and her brother and sister made their way to a foster home to get cleaned up and fattened up as they were skinny, dirty and in a sad state.

We found Riley on kijiji of all places and instantly fell in love, especially once we saw her with her adorable Coonhound ears and waggly tail, just full of love. Now Riley is growing every day and loves to lounge on the couch and her absolute favorite thing to do is go to the off leash dog park and run with all the other dogs. You can tell she loves it by the big grin on her face as she gets all the other dogs to chase her.

Riley has found her forever home, no doubt about it!

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The lucky one

by Ally

One day my dad went to price a car when a white Boxer puppy walked out from behind the tire. The man offered the dog for $50. Finally he said my dad could have him.

My dad brought him to the vet - he had a scar above his eye where his parent would attack him for food. His chances of survival were 1 in 10. His spine and ribs were showing from a distance but now he is a great loving dog and everyone loves him. He is not the first dog we got off the streets and definitely not the last!

Wow, Ally, that is some story - your Boxer is lucky indeed! Hard to believe that the car salesman would want $50 for a puppy in such bad shape... I also think it's wonderful that your family is able to rescue street dogs. Thanks for writing in!

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My Rescue Dogs Honey and Autumn

by Carley
(Manassas Va)

Hi, I'm Carley and I am 11 years old! I foster dogs:), and my family ended up keeping 2! Their names are Honey and Autumn.

Honey was born on Febuary 8, 2010, and she had distemper. Distemper is a viral desiese that causes seizures, mental or growth disabilities, and the dog does not usually grow the rest of its teeth. The side effects can be a twitch, and paralyzation from the hip down. Honey's side effects are a twitch in her left front leg. Oh and Honey is a German Shepherd Mix!!!

We were fostering Autumn and the shelter had no background on her. But we do know she is a Plott Hound. You're probably saying "What the heck is a Plott Hound? Iv'e never heard of a Plott Hound!" A Plott Hound is a very uncommon breed that I think came from North Carolina. Well she's a normal dog, loves to play with balls of many sorts and loves long walks.

I have another dog named Maddie, and she's a Yellow Labrador:) She also likes to fetch balls and likes to take long walks!!

I did have a dog named Molly, and she was beautiful and loved everything!

Carley, thank you for submitting this story. Note that we moved it to be under Dog Rescue Stories.

We think it's great that you are able to foster dogs and wonderful that your family adopted two of them!


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Lucky Dog

by John Sorich
(Butte, MT)

Lucky dog  at Canyon Ferry Lake

Lucky dog at Canyon Ferry Lake

We got our Great Pyrenees when he was about a year old from a local vet. The veterinarian called us because he had this dog that was brought to his clinic by a woman that rescues dogs from the local pound. She brought the dog to the vet to have his shots and to be neutered and find a good home. That's when we were called to come and look at him. It was St. Patrick's day and when we were introduced we knew he had a new home. It took a while for him to get used to us because he was apparently abused from wherever he was before and very afraid of the men of the family. I DON'T KNOW WHO COULD ABUSE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL.

After all these events the only thing we could name our new family member was LUCKY OR LUCKY DOG. He has turned out to be a great family pet and very sociable and lovable. The truth is I am not quite sure who the lucky one is; me or him, Lucky has been a big part of our family for the past 10 years and almost like one of the kids, just one that has not flown the nest yet. I know it's going to be a sad day when LUCKY DOG is gone.

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