Left Front Leg Amputee Wheelchair

by Martha Duran
(New Orleans, LA USA)


I have a female beagle, Freckles, who is 11 years old and weighs about 35-38 lbs. Her left front leg was amputated about 2 years ago as a result of being hit by a car. As she has gotten older, it is very hard for her to exercise; consequently, she has a weight issue. She has decreased her mobility to the point that when we take the dogs to an event, she is in a wagon and/or carried to and from our vehicle. I could not find any plans for the type of wheelchair she needs and I can't afford to purchase one. Do you have any suggestions?

Martha, sorry to hear about Freckles having difficulty walking and getting enough exercise due to being an amputee and age.

We understand that the cost of a commercial wheelchair is beyond the reach of many folks, which is why we developed our wheelchair plans. We have gotten occasional requests for plans for a wheelchair with front leg support and it is distressing that we cannot fulfill that need at this time. However, even if we had time to go through the process of developing a front support wheelchair that would work for multiple dog owners, we have been unable to find a dog and owner in the area we live in with which to work.

For the cost of our Dogge Chariot™ plans ($7.95 on eBay would be the least expensive to you - or you could purchase them for $8.75 through our website), we would be happy to throw in the Dogge Buggy™ and Dogge Scooter™ plans at no charge so that you could experiment with ways to adapt them for your dog's needs - each design has some features that the other wheelchair plans don't have. In return, we'd like to know if you are able to get something to work and to provide us with a photo of your dog in the wheelchair that you create that we could post on the website to encourage others in your boat.

We would suggest you use materials you can scrounge or already have for experimentation to keep costs low. The wheels are usually your biggest expense but for your size dog, lawnmower wheels and swivel wheels (Harbor Freight has the best prices), if you make a quad design, could do an adequate job. In addition, we'd suggest you look at existing commercial photos of existing front dog wheelchairs and also check on YouTube for videos.

Anyway, we wish you all the best regardless of what you choose to do and hope that Freckles can gain better mobility from your efforts.

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Jun 25, 2014
Freckles Wheelchair
by: Martha

Barbara, I will make a video and post it sometime next week as I am preparing to go out of town for a wedding this weekend.

Thank you all for the comments and suggestions.

Freckles' Mom

Jun 25, 2014
from k9 carts for Freckles...
by: Vicki Gentilman

Hi Vicki,
Type of cart or support needed depends on knowing the physical condition of the other 3 legs etc. If you would like to send us a video of how it is getting around at present we could better advise. We have been manufacturing pet wheelchairs for 50 years and formerly owned our own veterinary orthopedic hospital so we are well equipped to advise on what would work best.

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On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 5:00 PM, Vicki Gentilman wrote:
I have a friend who's beagle had to have its front leg amputated...is there a chair for this type of problem?

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Jun 24, 2014
by: Vicki Gentilman

I hope and will be praying you find a way to get Freckles some much needed wheels!

Just a thought -- when you get the wheels...do you live near a hospital for kids or vets that have mobility problems? Freckles would be an excellent K-9 ambassador for those with diff-abilities! Dogs are so good about accepting a new way of life...it gives hope to people that are facing the same thing.

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