Lion puppy costume ideas needed!

by Megan
(Kansas City)

I am going to a costume show with my dog and 6 puppies, the puppies will only be 5 weeks old. I want to dress up the puppies as lions, all the costumes I have found are at least 10 dollars, well times 6, thats too much. So I want to make little lion heads for them, any ideas how to make them?

Editor's ideas:

Hi Megan - two things come to mind:

1. Buy one costume and then sew 5 copies - or if you have to take the bought one apart, make 6 copies...

2. Make cardboard circles to go around the dogs' necks with a lion mane pattern sticking up. Glue cloth, fake fur or paper over the cardboard. Cut a slit so you can put them on, then tape them closed or add Velcro. Consider attaching these to collars, if the dogs have any, so they stay on longer.

P.S. Please send us a photo or two if you can - Happy Halloween!

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