Lucky makes lives better

by Jan

I was very fortunate to find Lucky when my son and I were looking at different shelters after his dog passed away. She was literally the last dog in the last cage at the last shelter I knew about so we named her Lucky because "we were lucky to find her and she was lucky to get us."

Lucky has always been a very loving dog and for the first 8 years she pretty much lived a normal dog's life - playing, taking walks and sitting with me when I was reading. After I retired I had her certified as a therapy dog and started visiting senior centers with her.

My granddaughter Nicole has been reading to Lucky since she could hold a book and that gave me an idea. I had some fliers made, passed them out, and the rest is history. She started with one school and now visits three schools, 14 classes and she has listened to about 1000 kids read over the last four years. She also was the special guest at the therapeutic horseback riding camp where I volunteer. She also donated a little lending library to one school so that her kids will always have access to good books.

I gave Nicole a Milo for Christmas and after reading the card on her little friend, she thought that Lucky would be a perfect Pibborafi pup. So now Nicole will have a little Lucky to go with her Milo and her Maggie.

I have truly been blessed to have this wonderful dog in my life and it has been great to see her make a difference in the lives of so many children. I am a true believer in rescue/shelter dogs and am glad Lucky can represent them. It has been such a pleasure being part of the Pibborafi family :)

Yes, we too have had some wonderful dogs from shelters! Jan, thank you so much for sharing your story of this special dog and how you and she have been making a significant contribution to the welfare of both humans and dogs in your area. It's inspiring to hear how simple it can be to start something big... Jo

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