Maggie the Mastiff

by Laura Brown
(Rosenberg, TX)

Helping other rescue doga
Maggie as a puppy next to a pic of her plush

Hello there!

I recently lost my rescue Mastiff of 10 years to cancer suddenly. Her name was Maggie, and she was my rock.

I was trying to find a way to keep her memory alive, when I came across a company called Pibborafi that makes plush versions of rescue dogs. You can nominate your pet, and share their rescue story. They picked Maggie! For every Maggie sold, they donate one to a shelter to auction off to raise money for other shelter dogs.

This was the most amazing experience, to be able to keep her memory alive, while helping other dogs like her to get loving homes. People have sent me their pictures of their rescue dogs with the Maggie’s they bought on Amazon with their own stories, as well as many children with her. To have her memory live on in the hearts of children means so much also.

Their next plush is a 15-year old rescue dog that helps children read at a school. I just think this company does so much to help people, and other rescue dogs, and their story deserves to be shared. They are also accepting nominations for their next plush dog from other rescue dog owners.

I have attached pics of my Maggie, as well as Lucky. Please consider sharing this amazing company and cause!

Thank you for your time,


Laura, thank you for sharing your story about Maggie. We were sorry to hear that you lost her too soon and so suddenly; however, lovely to hear that she is being remembered in a unique way. We had not heard of Pibborafi and their efforts before, and we appreciate you passing along the information of how they are helping shelters raise money through plush dog replicas of rescued dogs such as your Maggie. Thanks again, Jo

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Thanks and best wishes
by: Jan

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss, Maggie was a wonderful dog and I know you miss her. Thanks too for the nice things you said about Lucky. She loves going to her schools and listening to the kids read and she will be doing the same at our Library during March is Reading Month. I agree about Pibborafi being an outstanding company - both with bringing rescue dogs out for people to see and for having great people who really care taking care of things. I cannot wait for the Lucky pup so that I can share my wonderful dog with everyone. Thanks for your support and take care

So Sad
by: Lisa G

I can't imagine the pain associated with the loss of a companion dog. My condolences.

Our 12 y.o.Scylla was adopted from our local humane society and is a big part of my husband's and my life. I will probably take bereavement leave when her time comes. Thank you for posting this. I am going to check out that site.

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