Make a cap for your pal

by Vincent

A friend of mine once complained because her dog didn't like the sun and summer was difficult for her dog :(

That made me think a little. then with my grandma's help, i made him a dog cap. Now my friend's dog can enjoy the summer!

It's simple, really. For now i just have the solution for big dogs. (goldens...)

You need : Sewing machine
a human size cap

Take the cap, and cut the back half of it or fold it then sew it. Sew ribbons on the left and the right of the caps.
Voila ! Your cap is ready.

Put it on the dog's head and make a knot with the ribbons under his neck.

Editor's note: Great idea, Vincent! And you can use caps that have a holiday theme or maybe add a striped shirt for a baseball outfit!

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