Make a Dog Bed Question

by Megan
(Waveland, MS)


I am confused by the instructions under Sewing the Pieces Together; Start with the Side Pieces.

Directions say to match the wrong sides of the pieces together to sew the seams. So far as I can tell, there is no further instruction to flip over and sew a second seam (as you would in French Seams)so in the end, the seams are on the outside of the dog bed when the fabric is turned right side out . . . what am I missing? Has anyone made this bed according to these directions? I am a very new sewer so don't trust myself yet . . . !! ;)


Hello Megan,

Oops, that page should have read, "right sides together" as it shows in the photo. Appreciate you bringing this to my attention since this page has been up for years and no one corrected me till now! (I will make sure to change the instructions for that page.)

I suppose a French seam could be used, but you would need at least 3/4" more material added to each side, and it involves more steps than this project requires.

For those not familiar with this type of seam, a French seam is where you first sew a seam with the wrong sides together; then turn it over and press the two halves of the seam flat. (You will mainly see the right side of the material, with the two halves along the seam showing the wrong side.)
Sew this seam 1/4" (or 3/8") from the edges of the fabric.
After that, turn the piece over again and fold it so the right sides are together and then press along the seam with a steam iron. You will see one of the wrong sides facing you.
Next sew a line just outside the bump created by the seam halves, about 1/2" (or 5/8") from the seam edge.
The final step is to turn the fabric so the right sides are showing again, and to flatten the seam in one direction, pressing it with your iron.

Good luck with your dog bed and please feel free to send in a photo or two! You can use the forms on our Contact Us or our Dog Accessories pages.


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