Make a Dog Coat

Make a dog coat using one of our visitor contributed patterns!

Note: The patterns on this page are a continuation from our free dog coat patterns page.

Pattern 3 - Reversible dog coat

Merlin's Reversible Coat by Terry B. from Kentucky

Merlin the service dog in his homemade service dog coat

Terry used a quilted fabric to make a reversible coat for her cute service dog, Merlin. 

As you can see, the outline presents a pretty straight- forward design.

If you'd like to make something similar, I'd suggest you take a piece of old sheet, scrap fabric or newspaper and drape it over your dog.

Then take a marker and outline the coat and where you would place the belly strap and the neck straps.

Cut around the lines about 1/2 inch (13 mm) to the outside to allow for seams.

Try the cut out version on your dog to check for fit and make adjustments as needed.

Once you're satisfied, transfer the pattern you've made to the fabric you intend to use.

Hem edges and add Velcro or buttons for fastening.

Pattern 4 - Make a dog coat from a sweater

Our heartfelt thanks to the following anonymous contributor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who describes how to make a dog winter coat from an old sweater. Note that the sewing was done by hand...

We were tight on money and fall/winter was coming, so I decided to make a dog coat for my 6 month old puppy, Little Bear.

I chose to use an old sweater because it seemed like the easiest thing I could alter for a coat.

Basically all I did was sew patches of the sweater together until it was done. 


  1. Cut out a piece of the sweater that would cover his back.
  2. Cut out the elastic like cuff that was on the pocket to use for the neck lining of the coat(sewed it on),.
  3. Cut out another elastic-like piece of fabric to cover the front of the chest(sewed that on & added buttons).
  4. Cut out another elastic-like piece of fabric to wrap around the belly (sewed it on & added buttons).
  5. Cut out a piece of fabric to attach to the chest cover and the belly cover (so it would cover the whole chest/belly area.
  6. Cut out the very tip of the hood of the sweater to make a little doggy hood (sewed it on). Done!

All together this took about 2 days but I didn't have a sewing machine so it could have gone much quicker. 

Pattern 5 - Simple dog coat for all weathers!

We have Emma from Liverpool, UK, to thank for providing the following instructions to make a dog coat or two:


  • Old raincoat (or you can use old fabric, plastic and super glue)
  • Sturdy needle and thread 
  • Cushion/ soft toy stuffing 
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scrap paper 
  • Buttons
  • Super glue
  • Scissors 


1.  Measure your dog from:

  • Neck to rear end 
  • Width of your dog from his belly all the way round legs 
  • Head width length and width 

2. Write all these measurements down on the scrap paper.

3. Cut your raincoat or fabric and plastic to the size needed which you have noted down on the scrap paper. Add a few centimetres onto what's needed for extra comfort. Make sure all the pieces fit your dog. If they are too small add some onto it by stitching or if it is too big cut it down to a suitable piece. Now sew them. But DON'T sew them together yet nor sew the body parts - don't even touch that yet or the hood really, just the legs. Make holes in the fabric for the body for the legs (of course make 4!) 

3. If using fabric, coat it with plastic to make it waterproof and stick it down with super glue (not necessary if using an old raincoat). Now add the stuffing on with super glue. On all parts!

4. Sew everything together. DON'T sew the body but sew the legs to it and the hood but don't sew the bottom of the hood. Add slits using your scissors and sew the buttons on. Attach everything together using that for the bottom of the body and the bottom of the hood so you can easily put it on your dog. 

That's all you need to make a dog coat! These are quite complicated to make at first but it gets easier and easier. :) 

Pattern 6 - Dog coat from felt

Finally, here's a pattern idea given us by Clare, who lives in the U.S. 

I made  a simple coat with a strap that goes under the belly for any size tummy! This coat is made out of felt and has no arm holes, so there is no wrestling to put on your puppy's coat...

I used fabric markers for a cute design of flowers on the Spring coat, snowflakes on the Winter coat, and leaves on the Fall coat!

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