Make A Dog Harness

Make a dog harness with a step-by-step approach!

Below are photos about some DIY harnesses I made, as well as those made by other folks.

We also discuss the things you need to consider before making a harness, and how dog harnesses have different uses.

Harnesses we made for Comet

Comet ready to go in his custom harness for bicycle exercise.

Trussed up in a temporary rope harness to haul him up a small cliff.

Other Homemade Harness Ideas

Dog Harness for My Labrador
  contributed by Shahid from Tench Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • First I bought a simple leash and his rings and hook locks.
  • Then I cut the leash and divided it into three different pieces.

  • The pieces are attached in a triangle shape to each other: one piece into the dog's neck and the other one is turned around his legs.
  • The third one is attached to the clip, and the harness is ready!

No Pull Dog Harness

Here's a very simple idea sent in by Teresa from Canada for a no pull dog harness.

Comet's harness can also be used for this purpose.

Things to Consider When You Make a Dog Harness

Personalized Dog Harnesses

  by Bobbi M. of Marietta, GA

Mardi Gras, here I come!

Katie's all ready for summer!

  1. Your dog's comfort. If it fits properly, your dog will associate the harness with fun instead of pain.
  2. The efficiency of the harness to help him or her perform in the best way possible. There are several different types of harnesses to accomplish this. (See Harness Types below.)
  3. To avoid confusing your dog, it's recommended that you use a harness for either walking or pulling activities, not both. Ideally, you will use a head halter or do proper leash training if you plan on having your dog pull things too.
  4. Is the harness going to be for a temporary event (such as the rope harness we created for Comet) or do you want it to last a long time and be durable?
  5. For another type of temporary event, make a personalized dog harness for special occasions, such as celebrating the seasons of the year or particular holidays. (Thank you, Bobbi!)

If you need materials to make a harness, has a wide selection of nylon and polypropylene webbing with colors hard to find elsewhere.

They also carry the necessary hardware. Prices and shipping seem reasonable.

Different Harness Types

  • A carting harness: the cart shafts rest on the harness
  • A freighting harness: tug lines are at a downward angle
  • A sledding harness: tug lines are level with dog height and the harness is in a cross shape
  • A pulling harness for bikejoring and dog scootering: tug line is at a slight upward angle to bike or scooter stem
  • A pulling harness for roller- and skijoring and for canicross: tug line is at a steep upward angle to person's waist
  • A walking harness: leash at upward angle to person's hand
  • A dog wheelchair harness

Click here to make a dog harness style. It looks like they cover several of the above types of harnesses.

Happy travels to you and your dog!

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