Make a dog toy:
Bottle toy

by Kara

Make a dog toy that is so simple!

First you need a regular plastic bottle (can be a 2 liter one too it doesnt matter.) If it still has water, you can empty it into your dog's water dish. We are recycling at the same time! Now put some treats in the bottle, like my dog, Molly, likes milk bones and goldfish, but she does NOT like too crackly a sound. Also remember to peel the paper off it. Your dog can swallow it and that's not good is it?

Now shake it above your dog's head to show it's his/her toy now and once he/she tries to get it, throw across the room or yard and watch your dog chase and bat at it. I think it works best with no hole and the cap closed so no treats get out. Once in a while give your dog a treat from inside it.

;) bye!

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Bottle toy

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by: Anonymous

i dont think you should have no hole. i tried this idea yesterday, my puppy got bored. so i cut 3 holes, 2 inch long, 1cm thick, put treats in, and closed the cap. He like this 10 times more cos when he roles it across the floor every now and then a treat comes out.

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