Make Dog Collar Decorations

Several ways to make dog collar decorations come to mind, including dog collars with bling bling and those made out of crocheted, knitted or braided or woven yarn.

Collars with bling are easy - simply add whatever gaudy charms or flashy jewelry you can to your dog's collar. You can fasten those that have metal loops on the collar with colorful rubber bands or ponytail holders. Also consider gluing on rhinestones. Dollar and thrift stores are some places to look if you have no supplies on hand.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the dog (or other dogs or young children) cannot grab and swallow these small items.

Make Dog Collar Decorations
for the Holidays

You can also make these  decorations for a specific holiday, such as St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Fourth of July or Kwanzaa.

Simply adapt the colors for the particular holiday you are celebrating. Instructions on this page are for creating a St. Patrick's Day set out of yarn that consists of three parts:

St. Patrick's Day dog collar decorated with woven green yarns, a shamrock and pom poms

I. The base: a braided/plaited covering and is 16 strands wide.
II. The shamrock: a 6-strand wide strip that is also woven. Change this into a bell or star shape as need be.
III. Three pom poms: A mini pom pom in the shamrock center and larger one on each end of the weaving.


  • Light green [LG] yarn, at least 264 inches (6700 mm) long
  • Bright green [BG] yarn, at least 124 inches (3150 mm) long
  • Green thread and a sewing needle
  • Three thin green ponytail holders (Optional)
  • A piece of green fabric 2 x 12 inches wide (Optional)

The Base

This is to make dog collar decorations for a 1-inch (25 mm) wide collar.

  • Follow the instructions for the 16-strand weaving. See How To Make Dog Collar Decorations Out Of Woven Yarn.
  • For the design shown, set up 3 LG, 2 BG, and 3 LG double strands, 36 inches long so that you end up with 16 strands each about 18 inches (460 mm) long.
  • Weave as described until you reach your desired length.
  • I used the distance between the D-ring on Comet’s collar and the first set of holes at the other end as my guide, which came to about 12 inches (300 mm).
  • Finish off as described or, for a quicker method, use yarn or thread to sew the ends so they don’t unravel. (Appearance doesn’t matter since these will be covered with the pom poms.)

The Shamrock or 4-Leaf Clover

Closeup of woven shamrock for dog collar

  • For this part, I used 6 strands (1 double strand of each) total: 2 LG, 2 BG and 2 LG, each 18 inches (460 mm) long.
  • You can use a 4-strand technique where you always start your row from the same side.
  • This will create a striped pattern rather than the five of dominoes effect.
  • Once you've completed 16 inches (405 mm), finish off the upper end by sewing across it with yarn.
  • Finish the stalk end of the shamrock by weaving the ends back in. This will look a little wider at the end, which is perfect for this design.
  • To make the petals, leave 2 inches (50 mm) for the stem. Divide the remainder into four equal loops.
  • Take a needle and thread and sew loops together in the center. (If it's easier, you can also add the loops and sew them one by one).

The Pom Poms

Pom poms and braided shamrock added to a woven green cover for St. Patrick's DayA homemade collar woven out of yarn with matching pom poms

These can be purchased but it's probably just as easy to learn how to make Homemade Pom Poms.

If you use the same colors as in the weavings, you'll have an exact match. You can also create your own combinations not commercially available.

Note that in the photo, the center pompom is a Small. The end pompoms (only one is shown) are Mediums. Create whatever sizes appeal to you - just aim for a balanced look.

Putting It All Together

  • With green thread or yarn, sew the mini pompom onto the center of the shamrock
  • Sew the two larger pom poms onto each end of the base weaving.
  • Sew the shamrock onto the base weaving.

To attach the entire strip to the collar and make it so it’s removable for a different holiday or reusable for the next St. Paddy’s Day, you can do one of the following:

  1. Sew yarn underneath the pompoms at the ends and under the shamrock and wrap it around the collar a couple of times - you’ll need to cut the yarn off and re-sew the following year.
  2. Sew green ponytail holders onto the underside of the base weaving at intervals, then twist around the collar, starting at the center and working outwards.
  3. Make a sleeve of complementary green fabric to slide over the collar and sew the base weaving onto that.

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