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Apr 02, 2020

Make Dog Stuff, Build Dog Stuff

Make dog stuff. Includes dog costumes, dog ramps, dog bows, dog toys and much more!

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Feb 08, 2019

Homemade Dog Sweaters

Make homemade dog sweaters using free knitted and crochet patterns using basic stitches!

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Feb 08, 2019

Valentines Doggie Sweater

Knit a cute Valentines doggie sweater! Hearts and diamonds are the theme!

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Dec 04, 2018

Dog Sweater Instructions for Any Size Dog

Easy knit dog sweater instructions. Custom fit to your dog using American or metric units.

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Jun 13, 2018

Dogs with Epilepsy - possible help

Per Dr. Andrew Jones of Veterinary Secrets Revealed - "Here is more info on the trial:

Efficacy of Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Epilepsy in Dogs

Who Qualifies?

Dogs with epilepsy that are receiving conventional anticonvulsants and having at least two seizures per month. Upon enrollment, every dog will be evaluated by a neurologist and any medication adjustments will be made prior to starting the trial.

Purpose of the Study

The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of a component of the Cannabis sativa plant, cannabidiol (CBD), in treating canine epilepsy. The CBD product is very low in the psychoactive component of cannabis, THC, making it safe for use in dogs. Each dog will be randomly assigned to either a control group or a treatment group, where they will receive the CBD oil or a placebo for 12 weeks.

What is Required?

An MRI of the brain and a spinal tap to rule out any other causes of seizures

A daily seizure log and behavioral questionnaire filled out by a single ownerReassessment and bloodwork every 4 weeksBenefits

All costs related to the study will be covered in full, including the examinations, MRI, spinal tap, bloodwork and the CBD oil.

To Enroll

Interested participants can learn more by contacting one of our research technicians by emailing or Dr. Stephanie McGrath, or by calling (970) 305-0455​."

Feb 27, 2018

Lucky makes lives better

I was very fortunate to find Lucky when my son and I were looking at different shelters after his dog passed away. She was literally the last dog in the

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Feb 23, 2018

Maggie the Mastiff

Hello there! I recently lost my rescue Mastiff of 10 years to cancer suddenly. Her name was Maggie, and she was my rock. I was trying to find a way

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Feb 12, 2018

Customer wooden 2 bowl dog dish holder for taller dogs

I used spare wood from my work for my tester piece. I started by figuring out how high and wide the dishes were. I then took an oak board 1 thick by 10

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Sep 14, 2017

Homemade Dog Costume Ideas

Great resource for homemade dog costume ideas. Looking for Halloween costumes for dog to make your own?

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May 23, 2017

Dog Treadmill question

Question: Is it possible to modify your dog treadmill plan to use in water? My old dog is currently in therapy using an underwater treadmill and I'd

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Dec 19, 2016

Visiting Non-Sewer of Dog Clothes

Hi Folks I totally don't know how to sew and you'll understand when you read my question. So I have a nice sweater for my Yorkie ( that of course I bought

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Nov 11, 2016

Fiery Dragons Phoenix and Gryphon

FIRST PLACE WINNER 2016 Dogge Costume Contest!!! Our golden retrievers Phoenix and Gryphon are very magical. They are both named after magical creatures.

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Oct 17, 2016

My dog took the rap for another dog attacking him.

Ghyll is a Patterdale Terrier who is 3 yrs old. A very loving, loyal and social dog. For the past 3 yrs I have walked with his brother and two other dogs

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Jul 18, 2016

Training Your Dog to Come When Off Leash

Chet Womach of The Dog Training Secret has just released a video series named "Coming When Called."

I think this is worth checking out, especially since he's only charging $7 for this DIY series. Training sessions are only 5-10 minutes, done twice a day.

(Please note that I have no affiliation with this guy and what he does, other than that I believe he's good...)

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Feb 07, 2016

Ralph shows us his HEART on Christmas Eve

My dog, my furbaby, my best friend is Ralph. I've had him since he was 6 weeks old. He will be 12 years on Jan 28,2016. In early December 2015 I took Ralph

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Feb 04, 2016

Protecting TP From Dog Attack: Papi's Toilet Paper Party

My Papillion, Papi (pronounced like poppy), thinks that toilet paper is there for his personal enjoyment. On too many mornings, I woke to find what appeared

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Feb 02, 2016

Homemade Dog Clothes

Make homemade dog clothes such as a coat, sweater, vest, booties or socks for your favorite pet.

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Jan 29, 2016

How To Make Dog Collars

Discover how to make dog collars out of scrounged or recycled materials!

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Jan 29, 2016

Zika Virus DIY Prevention

If you're concerned about what's on the news regarding Zika virus, which is spread by mosquito bites - here's what Dr. Jones says about the symptoms, effects, and how to eliminate or minimize mosquitoes and prevent bites.

There is no evidence at present that dogs are affected.

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Dec 01, 2015

Making a dog hat or toque

Question: I've looked at online sites and can't seem to find knitting patterns to knit or crochet a hat for a Shorkie. Is there a web site or do you know

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Nov 01, 2015

DIY Dog Costume:
Big Bad Wolf / Grandma from Little Red Riding Hood

This two-in-one dog costume is great for huskies, collies, fluffy & large wolf looking dogs. MATERIALS: All you need is a shower cap, glasses, a U shaped

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Big Bad Wolf / Grandma from Little Red Riding Hood"

Oct 29, 2015

Sugar in Dog Treats

Dogs do not need sugar in their food.

However, many dogs do have a sweet tooth. Apparently, this has been discovered by the pet treat industry (worth some $2 billion) and many treats now contain some form of sugar such as corn syrup, dextrose, or maltodextrin.

Please let the owner of the store carrying such treats know that you want to see healthier treats on the shelves.

As the link below shows, too many dogs are overweight. Sugar enhanced treats are a big culprit - leading to constant pleading/begging by the dog. Too many owners give in, thinking that "just one more" won't hurt. Unfortunately, just as in humans, carrying too much fat and eating sugar does do preventable damage to all the systems in the body.

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Oct 19, 2015

Do You Feed Your Dogs & Cats Kibble?

Yes, I know this site is about dogs but many dog lovers also have cats as pets and I thought this to be important enough to share.

The link below leads to a video by holistic vet, Dr. Jones, that explains why kibble can be detrimental to cat health.

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Oct 17, 2015

Healthy Happy Dog Summit

A FREE summit to learn as much as you can about dog health - to register you simply use your first name and email.

Disclaimer: We at Make & Build Dog Stuff are not connected to this summit in any way other than wanting to provide you with what looks like a good opportunity.

Just click on the link below to sign up.

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Sep 26, 2015

Steps for pup

A friend offered my husband and I an opportunity to open our home and hearts to a puppy who had yet to be born. We were told the puppies were a Chihuahua

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