2 Simple Ideas to Make Dog Toys

Holes don't matter when you use old socks to make dog toys!

A bright green sock makes a great sock ball.A bright colored sock ball
Swinging sock ball made out of a long red sock.A swinging sock ball

Learn how to make your own dog toy such as the Sock Ball and a variation, the Swinging Sock Ball, in just a few minutes!

These upcycled dog toys are lots of fun and can be used indoors and out!

They can be laundered along with other dog items as well.

WARNING: Please supervise if your dog chews on these! Little bits of sock can cause choking or digestive problems.

Visitor Contributions

These are not the only ideas for making dog toys out of old socks. We also have contributions by visitors to our site. Also see:

A beagle type puppy that likes the swing sock ball.Make dog toys for your puppy that you can easily replace!

Here's a comment and photo from one of them:

My puppy likes the swinging sock ball! by Anonymous

"Well I have made it before and it’s awesome for your dog or cat. Cat not so much lol. I made it with 2 balls or 3 and 2 big socks so it would lock the balls in place."

Basic Sock Ball

This takes about 5 minutes and you will need 3 or 4 holey socks

  • Use your longest sock with the least/smallest holes for the base.
  • Roll and stuff the other socks inside.
  • Twist or tie a knot in the base sock above the stuffed area.
  • Double the end of the base sock back over the entire ball.
  • Twist or tie a knot above the stuffed area again.
  • Repeat until you have no sock left to wrap.

The Sock Ball is best used for playing fetch, indoors or out. You can also make mini sock balls for smaller dogs by using thinner and shorter socks.

Swinging Sock Ball

This also takes about 5 minutes and uses 3-4 socks. However, you will need a couple of really long socks.

  • Take 1 or 2 of your longest socks for the base
  • Roll and stuff the two other socks inside
  • Tie a knot in the base sock(s) above the stuffed area

The Sock Swing Ball can be used for fetch, tug-of-war, or as an attachment to that marvelous indoor/outdoor toy and exercise device, The Whipwhir (pronounced "whipper").

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