Making Dog Collars

Making dog collars is a fairly simple process. Basically, you need a length of material to go around your dog's neck, and then a buckle or fastener of some kind.

To make it functional, add a metal ring for hooking on a leash, and a slider to hold the loose end of the collar.

Red nylon dog collar on a cattle dog

Below are instructions for a large size, red nylon dog collar that costs about USD 5.00 if the materials are purchased new.

The first collar should take less than two hours to make; later ones will go faster.

This website also has directions and ideas for making dog collars out of other materials such as yarns and fabrics.

At left is Xera, a cattle dog, in a nylon collar with a metal buckle.

Making Dog Collars Out of Nylon:
Materials & Tools

With a length of red webbing that I had lying around, along with some buckles and sliders from an old backpack, I found it easy to duplicate the basic design sold in stores to make Comet a serviceable collar.

For a fancier look, there is multi-colored and patterned webbing available online (either polypropylene or nylon - nylon is stronger).



  • A length of nylon or polypropylene webbing 3" or 75 mm longer than your dog's neck size
  • 2 Sliders*
  • 1 Plastic or metal buckle* (metal preferred)
  • 1 Metal D-ring*
*Note: Your hardware needs to be the right width to fit your webbing
  • Scissors
  • Matches or gas burner to sear ends of webbing
  • Wet sponge to pinch seared ends
  • Thread that matches the color of your webbing
  • Sewing needle or sewing machine


The First End of the Collar

  1. Thread the nylon webbing through the D-ring.
  2. Determine the top side of the buckle.
  3. Thread the webbing through the slot on the receptacle part of the buckle.
  4. Fold the webbing under itself 1 1/2" (38 mm) past the D-ring.
  5. Start sewing a line about 1/4" from the end, making sure the webbing lies square.
  6. If using a sewing machine, use Reverse to go back over your line to anchor the stitching.
  7. Sew forward over your line again.
  8. Make a rectangle and cross pattern as shown with the white thread above, going over each line 3 times. (I used white thread to make it easier for you to see what's happening.)
  9. Using double thread, hand sew the line closest to the D-Ring.

Adding the Slider

Adding the slider to your nylon dog collar

  1. Decide which is the top end of your slider.
  2. Thread the remaining end of your webbing up through the first slot and down through the second.
  3. Move the slider down about 8" (200 mm).

Adding the Buckle to the Other End of the Collar

Sewing the other end of the buckle on the nylon dog collar
  1. Thread webbing from the bottom through the first slot then down from the top through the slot closest to the prongs of the other half of your buckle.
  2. Slide this part of the buckle down about 5" (125 mm).
  3. Pull out a loop of the webbing that is already in the slider
  4. From underneath your slider, thread the webbing up through the further slot and down through the one closer to the buckle.
  5. Make a big loop out of the top webbing between the slider and buckle.
  6. Sew down the end of your webbing onto the lower webbing coming out of the buckle. Be careful not to sew into the top strap.

That's all there is to this project - now go and try it on your dog!

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