Matching bags

I got the idea while looking for phone cases and saw a really cool one, and thought why not just make one for free. I also thought, "Why not make one for my dog and me?"

This is about the matching bags I made for us. I got dog print fabric and made my dog a food/treat bag, and me a phone bag. All you need is fabric, a needle or sewing machine, fabric scissors, and a button (any size).

First for your phone case, size the fabric to your phone. Cut the fabric to fit (allow at least 1/4 inch extra all around for seams). Then sew it.

After that you will fold a piece of longer fabric to make the strap. Later you will sew that to the pouch.

You will do the same thing with the doggy food/treat bag. Except you adjust the size to whatever you want for your dog. My dog doesn't mind if he knows there are treats or food in there.

This is my idea for matching bags. Hope you enjoy.

This is a novel idea and sounds like it could be expanded to making a handbag (purse) or shoulder bag to match whatever bag you make for your dog. You could also add the fabric over a dog's nylon leash for further coordination of accessories for some real styling!

I must say I thought at first that you were making a bag for your dog to carry like a saddlebag, but it sounds as though you put the pouch that contains the yummies over your own shoulder rather than having your dog do the hauling.

Meant to post this earlier and apologize for the delay. Thanks for taking the time to write in to our website!


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