A blue nose pitbull story -
4 da 1st time!!!

by eder dimas
(moreno valley ca. U.S.)

i have had dis dog 4 a year n a half. she is a blue nose pitbull. her name is lady. she had 11 blue nose pitbull puppies. n they r all very alive. right now they r a week n a half. she had six guys n five girls.

when i saw what was happening i couldnt believe it. it was just amazing. most of my friends dogs had had less than 5. n mine had 11 in her 1st time. im still shocked. she was really buff. but now she got REALLY SKINNY. but she will get better soon. she is a great mother. she knows what she is doing. dat was my story. thank u everybody.

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Taconie the springer spaniel

by Kristena
(Portland OR, USA)

Taconie (ta-con-ie) is a great dog smart and intelligent. Taconie is a springer spaniel who comes to work and school with me. She's really nice and also a very big eater.

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Little Angel - Teal'c the Border Collie

by Natalia H.

My dogs name is Teal'c and he is a Border collie pup. He is only 6 months old and is very playful. I have had him for about 4 months. Teal'c got his name from Stargate SG1.

Teal'c loves to play games non stop and loves jumping up and down in his basket or on the couch or just when he wants food.

He has gone through so much, such as almost being run over and was attacked about 3 weeks ago by two dogs. Teal'c has now got a fear for dogs, cats and large trucks and cars. But i have a big car and we take him every where and there is no barks or cries (but if he sees a dog well then he will bark).

When I told the news of my little puppy been attacked the whole school was wondering what happened to him and always asked if Teal'c was alright. Teal'c has met my whole primary school and every one wants to pat and cuddle him.

Teal'c is the kindest and most loveable dog i have ever met and he is my little angel. If any thing happened to him I would be a total mess.

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Tia and Tasha

by Courtney B.
(Perth, W.A., Australia)

Tasha, about a year ago

Tasha, about a year ago

Tasha, about a year ago
Tia, about a year ago too
Them together

Tia is beautiful, a golden cocker spaniel who is so playful and loves everyone. I made her a sock toy and treat and she adored them. She is so cute. LOVE YOU TIA!!

Tasha is the quiet dog. Yet stunning, she is quite old and she is a black cocker spaniel. She is blind so she isn't playful but I am planning on baking her some cookies. She is so lazy :D LOVE YOU TASHA!!

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Molly and Penny

by Joy
(Beaverton, OR)

My husband and I have two Cocker Spaniels. We love them just like our kids. Molly just ruptured a disk and is in the vet hospital for 10 days.

Looking at your site we have decided to build a ramp for her. The doctor said no more jumping. It's going to be really hard for all of us to watch her constantly. I'm hoping the ramp will help her a lot.

Both of my dogs are overweight, and I'm sure that has contributed to Molly's problems. I now have them on a diet and so far, so good.

Please don't let your dogs get overweight because it will end up costing you a lot of money and pain and suffering for your dogs.

We will let you know how the ramp works out - still building it. I get Molly tomorrow so have to finish it tonight.

Thanks all,
Joy and Mickey

Editor's note: Yes, Joy and Mickey, please let us know how the ramp works. We're glad you're realizing how unhealthy it is for a dog to be overweight and hope Molly feels better soon. P.S. Thanks for the cute photo!

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Jessie the Australian Shepherd

by Ray Sims - Jessie's Dad
(Lockbourne, Ohio)

We have an Australian Shepherd, 7 years old, who is so sweet to everyone. She came into our garage in 2004 on December 14th cold, tired, hungry during one of our worst ice storms ever. In 2006 she chased a squirrel or rabbit and when the animal she was chasing either turned or went under the shed, Jessie hit the shed face first, let out a scream and was knocked out.

I rushed her to the animal hospital hoping for the best. They ran dye into her spine to check out what the injuries were. Luckily she had no spinal injuries but could not walk. Through many months of puppy pads, thousands of dollars and walking on a treadmill in water in a rehabilitation hospital she is finally walking but with a small limp. She's about 95% healed. Strangely enough, she can run almost as fast as before - just like the wind. I feel her recovery is due to the love we have for her and is our reward for being there when she truly needed us and she was fighting for her life. She's not just a dog, she's my friend. Did I tell you she's a slight bit spoiled?

Editor's note: She sounds like a real sweetheart, Ray, and it's wonderful you have had the means to help her heal.Thanks for sharing.

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Crissie's New Life

by Noriz

Crissie's fave time of day: sunset

Crissie's fave time of day: sunset

You must've read my story about Crissie a few months ago, right?

Well, she's back! And much better than ever!
She's now happier, and a bit more naughty.

Naughty because she hates dog food, hates baths, and hates exercise.

Crissie is playful now. But just because it's play doesn't mean it's EXERCISE.

She only likes playing games like "Catch my Paw" (a game where the owner tries to shake the dog's moving paw).

Crissie has a terrible fright of booming, exploding sounds, like fireworks explosions.

Why, you ask?

On New Year, my family was watching TV for the "countdown clock". My neighbours, at that time, were lighting a ton of fireworks.

The "poom, boom, bam!!!"s and the blinding embers of fire frightened Crissie so much that even if you say "Boom" she'll hide.

My golden flub-dog of laziness is kinda getting used to lots of people reading about her.

So I thought of maybe coming up with a Crissie series at YouTube, and her friends and cousin co-starring too.

Hope you watch it.

And that's the end of the story :)

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Crissie: Golden-hearted Dog

The cutest dog in the country :)

The cutest dog in the country :)

I got my dog Crissie about 3 years ago.

She was so cute as a playful little puppy back then. We snuggled her every time.

When me and my brother were thinking of a name for her, we came up with tons of them: "Maya", "Cristella", "Bucket", "Muffy", "Pluto (just a joke)", "Woof", etc.

Until we agreed on Crissie, because somehow they described her: her eyes were like crystals, and sometimes she was a sissie.

We had great fun with Crissie. She looked like she had fun, too. But after a few weeks, her happiness seemed to fade.

We had no place for her to stay (well...she messes up the place), so she lives right under the rusty sink outside.

We give her leftovers for her food, too.

I felt sorry for my dog, but we can't do anything.
She has to live that way, whether we like it or not.

Now she's weak, thin, and has scabs around her nose.

But she's still golden-hearted because she forgives us no matter what we feed her, how many times we're lazy to give her a bath, how we scold her, and those stuff.

I'm lucky for a good dog. I'm lucky to know she knows we're giving her the best. I'm lucky for a dog that loves me no matter what.

And it just makes me cry to think about how she suffers.

I promised to myself 2 years ago I'll make a difference in her life.

But I never fulfilled it.

Sometimes I think about it: Am I a bad owner?

But Crissie still likes her poor life because she knows that we give her the best our hands, love, and money can give.

And because of this, I've never ever thought a moment of my life I'm a bad owner.

Crissie still is mischievous after all we went through. But that's ok. I'm happy to know she's growing happily.

She's an angel sent from heaven.

She's Crissie: The Golden-hearted Dog.

Editor's note: Visitors, I have emailed the person who submitted this story with some suggestions for taking care of her dog. If you have anything you would like to share (in a kind way, please) do add your comments. Thank you.

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Zippity Doo Da!

by Anonymous

This is Zip. He's an Australian cattle dog. One of their ancestors is the dingo. They are especially bred for their interesting coat that is a combination of silver and black.

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pregnant baily...

baby popo

baby popo

one day i decided to breed my dog. she has the greatest personality and just loves other dogs. anyways sooo we bred her and it was almost christmas soo i got everything ready for when she would give birth.

On christmas day everyone was over at my place. that moment when we were about to open the presents we heard puppies whimpering and crying. i dashed into the bedroom; where i set up the bed for her she had babies!!!

And now i am planning on selling them. they come with their vet checks and blankets, food, a comb and more. Baily is a 3 year old english bull dog and the babies are just too cute...

Editor's note: Sorry, we have no idea where these puppies are or who the owner is but what a great story!

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Habibi, Our Little American Eskimo

by Jil at PurestPets
(Gainesville, FL)

Our little American Eskimo, Habibi, has an Arabic name because I found him in an open market while I was in Kuwait. Habibi means "My Beloved." He is an outstanding citizen in every way (well he does like people better than other dogs 'cuz he got his start in a country where they don't consider dogs as pets - poor thing.

The only problem is he has terrible allergies. He couldn't stop scratching, licking and biting himself, day and night. It was very upsetting to see him suffer and it kept us up all night. We thought we would have to get used to seeing him wear "the cone" for the rest of his life! Have you experienced this too?

Regular bathing is such a big part of skin and coat wellness that finding the best shampoo for your dog is so important.

Habibi inspired me to research and develop my own homemade shampoo. There is a good article about this subject on this website. Anyway, I finally found a formula that is a combination of natural ingredients for Habibi's skin issues! Habibi has used this allergy relief shampoo for over a couple of years now and he doesn't scratch anymore.

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Jack's Special Talent

Jack is such a silly border collie though!

Jack is such a silly border collie though!

Jack is my grandpa's dog, so I don't see him very much. But one time I was over at his house, and my four year old cousin was also there. He wanted to play with my sister and I A LOT, but I wanted to play with Jack so, when we played (usualy hide-and-go-seek) I would take Jack. When my sister was the seeker, I would cluck quietly, and hold out a treat until he found me. Even though I lost, it made me happy knowing that the 10-month-old dog was smart. When I was the seeker, I took Jack and he ran right to the "hiders".

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