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Nov 02, 2016
Ghyll update 2.
by: Anonymous

Ghyll update 2.

Today as i got back to the car park from my walk with the dogs i could see one of the dog walkers wives sat in the car waiting for her husband to return along with the other dog walker.
I went over to her and she wound her window down and i asked her how she was.
She hasn't been well recently so i asked about her health, she was feeling much better. I then said....
I am now going to show you something that as difficult as it is to view it will
shed some much needed light on what actually happened on the day the dogs fought.
I then picked Ghyll up and showed her him. She wasn't there on the day the fight took place so only knew about it from the other two dog walkers, her husband and the owner of the dog that claimed Ghyll attacked his dog.
She was shocked to see the state of Ghyll and his injuries.
She also said it was all handled badly and that we should not have fallen out with each other.
I said my issue is not with the dog,the fight or even Ghyll's injuries.
My issue is with the dog walker who laid all blame on Ghyll and NO blame on his dog. I told her that i saw what started the fight and that they did not.
I told her that when i told him that his dog started the fight that his owner quickly dismissed it and laid all the blame on Ghyll.
She understood and then said...You should stay here and show them Ghyll's injuries and explain your views on what happened that day. I said... No... i am way too angry with them both right now to talk to them. So i left.
I told her before leaving that she can tell them whatever she wants.
The only reason i came over to talk to you is to
let you see Ghyll and his injuries because these are the actual FACTS on what happened that day.
As i left the park i could see her talking to them.
I'm not holding my breath for an apology because i honestly don't believe one will be forth coming especially from the owner of the dog that attacked Ghyll.
I told her that people have told me he has been saying Ghyll attacked his dog so if you
could relay the truth to him and ask him to stop blaming Ghyll i would appreciate it, because now everyone in the park knows the ACTUAL truth so he is just making a complete fool of himself suggesting otherwise.

Good for you for standing up for yourself and Ghyll! And for understanding that you may never get an apology from the person who is not holding his dog accountable. Jo

Nov 01, 2016
Update on Ghyll.
by: Anonymous

I have an update on Ghyll for everyone. It's been a few weeks now since he was attacked. I noticed one bite mark on his face and another under his chin at the time it happened.
Having a rough coat you can't easily see any wounds. Anyway time passed and he was fine. Last week i noticed his face had swollen. Also above his right eye had swollen too. To the point that it closed his eye. So i took him to the vet. I explained what had happen weeks before and the vet said that he needed to shave Ghyll where their was swelling to see what was going on. After shaving part of his face neck leg and chest we found over 20 bite marks on him. The vet then drained fluid from 3 areas of his body. He is now on antibiotics and pain killers for the discomfort. Today in the park someone told me that this guy was still going around telling anyone who will listen to him that my dog attacked his dog. After seeing Ghyll and his wounds everyone whom i met today now know the truth! No one believes this guy especially now that they can see Ghyll's injuries whereas the other dog has none. Today Ghyll is feeling a little better but kinda sticks close to me which is fair enough, he will get there with time and a little patience.His confidence has been knocked but i'm seeing him improve with each walk.

Sorry to hear that injuries were more extensive than you thought but sounds like Ghyll will be okay and at least you have solid evidence. Our daughter's dogs were attacked by a neighbor's recently and the dogs were having trouble with their confidence too. They were able to get Animal Control to deal with the neighbor and get their $500 vet bill paid for. Hope that works out in your case too...

Oct 21, 2016
Foofy dog attacks
by: Jo

Viki, so glad that a passel of neighbors was willing to set the record straight when they saw what really was going on. It reminds me of the time when Comet had a Chihuahua come up and it attached itself to his leg (neither dog was on leash). He just looked up at me with a very puzzled expression and didn't do anything to the other dog. I had to chase it off!

Oct 20, 2016
your dog and the blame game
by: Viki

I know the feeling of having your dog blamed for a fight. My husband's dog...a Ridgeback/collie mix...was attacked 3 times by a little foofoo dog. Each time our dog only barked which is deep and loud compared to the squeaky toy sound of the other dog. The first two times the other neighbors only saw Karma barking at the little dog. Rumor swirled around our mobile home park like raw sewage that Karma was vicious. She is in training as an assistance dog which was not good to hear people say those things. I filed reports with the animal control...but the lady that owned the dog gave her lie. She did get cited twice for no leash (the state of Florida has leash laws).

Then the third attack was witnessed by the same neighbors that started the rumors. They watched Karma prancing down the road, on leash, next to my wheelchair. They saw foofy dog run about 100 yards and jump on Karma's back. Karma reacted the same as always...shaking the dog off and then barking at it. No display of viciousness just a "get LOST!" Foofy dog was again without a leash. I called animal control again. This time though 7 people told what really happened...and the rumors were put to rest. Foofy dog is still here but is now on a leash and the owner takes it inside when a dog comes by. I did not press charges but could have --it is a misdemeanor in Florida to injure a service dog or one in training. I did stick around to see the woman's face as she was told the law. LOL!

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