My Fur Baby Eunice (Yorkshire Terrier) with her homemade bows

by Fritz
(Davao City, Philippines)

Lilltle Eunice with her two tiny pink bows

Lilltle Eunice with her two tiny pink bows

When I was young I really dreamed of having a Chihuahua cuz I found them so cute and fashionable. Now I'm in college, my interest in having a fur baby was neglected because of buying personal stuff such as fashionable clothes and luxurious gadgets. But then it seemed like it was not giving me 100% happiness. Fashion and gadgets fade, so I thought of buying a puppy.

I researched about choosing a dog breed to fit my personality. I'm a person who loves fashion and luxury (but I'm not rich). So I found four results for dog breeds that fit me: Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle and Miniature Pinscher. My top two choices were the Yorkie and Chihuahua cuz I found them so cute and adorable. I also learned some information about these breeds (thanks to dogs 101).

Those two breeds were very expensive for me because I'm still a student. Then I met a Yorkie enthusiast through the Internet, and she suggested I visit her house to check out her 4 Yorkies and see the difference between the Yorkie and Chihuahua.

So I decided to go along with two supportive friends. My heart melted when I saw the cute puppies, especially Eunice, a black and tan Yorkie. She was so adorable that I decided to save money to buy her. It took me a month before I could get Eunice because of the price...

Thanks to my very loving sister who provides for all my needs - she gave me the opportunity to have this fur baby. Almost every day while I was waiting I wished to hurry the times and days so that I could already bring home Eunice with me.

Having a fur baby feels like having a child. I bought stuff for her, watched YouTube tutorials on how to make bows and clothes, and proper ways of taking good care of my little Yorkie. I'm so blessed and happy that I have Eunice in my room sleeping with me. I'm happy to trade all my fashionable stuffs just for her.

I stopped shopping for me to save money for her needs and I'm happier for it. My only wish for now is to be able to sew clothes for her and to be able to join in a dog fashion show someday. I'm very happy and feel contented even though I'm single cuz I have my fur baby Eunice.

I made different designs of little bows for her. All you need is a glue gun, ribbons, and a rubber band.* It's cheaper than buying expensive ones.

I hope that I will be able to raise Eunice properly and make her more healthy and pretty.

*Editor's Note: It is best to use the type of rubber bands that are covered with cloth to avoid pulling on the fur and hurting your dog.

Hello Fritz in the Phillippines -

Thank you for your delightful story and the lovely photos of Eunice! It looks like you are a very concerned dog parent to your fur baby. You were wise to do research before acquiring a dog, especially since it sounds like it is your first time taking care of one.

Be sure to look for Eunice's photos on our home page in October and November... Also note that we moved this submission to our Dog Accessories page because you included photos of the homemade bows.

All the best,

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by: Sony

Really cute to see Baby Eunice with her tiny pink bows! It looks so beautiful and I think Little Eunice has liked the tiny pink bows very much. I am going to buy few such bows for my puppies. Keep sharing such posts!

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