My little Cookie

by Iulia
(Romania, Bistrita)

First winter!

First winter!

First winter!
Preparing for the first trip together!
Favourite teddy bear!
First little toy

Hello, my name is Iulia and I have a little Maltese named Cookie, 2 years old. It is the perfect way to come home, when there is such a lovely being waiting for you.

I have had her since September 2010, when my boyfriend came to my home one morning with a basket and a pretty "mouse" - that was my little Cookie :)). She was so small, only 2 months old; a white face and a little red tongue was all I remember of that day.

So now it has been two years since we are together; she is my pretty tricky girl.

Iulia, thank you so much for writing from Romania about Cookie, your Maltese - this truly is a worldwide web! We also appreciate the superb photos, at least one of which will be on our home page for December... Jo


Dec 2, 2012 - More About Cookie

by: Iulia

I think all dog owners know and feel how much they mean to their dogs and vice versa. Before I had Cookie, I was not an animal lover, I didn’t grow up around them...

Now things have changed, everything revolves around her, waking up in the morning, walks in the afternoon and evening :). I can say that made me more responsible, knowing she depends entirely on me.

Looking back, I didn’t realize how quickly passed two years with good morning kisses, waving tails, hugs and snugglings.

Cookie usually sleeps in her transport cage. She makes her presence felt at night in bed, climbing over the duvet, then slowly advancing towards the pillow and then beating me on the shoulder as she wants under the covers. So this is our sleeping ritual most of the time, except when she does not come directly in the bed, but comes next to me and puts her wet nose right next to me for kisses.

Today I had a most unfortunate event in the family, a small fire. Only Cookie was at home. I was called by neighbors to come home because something was burning in the kitchen. I thought that Cookie was there, with no open door to other rooms. During the day, as we are at work, she stays in the kitchen and hallway, with no access to the rest of the house (she has all kinds of tricky ideas, most recently she discovered climbing - I have a little monkey in the house).

I got home, I opened the door and something was burning, so I extinguished the fire and called her name for several minutes, but she didn’t come out - she that was part of the welcoming committee of the house (no one gets inside without her approval :))

After a few minutes of shouting she came, full of soot and very scared (her tail was between her front paws, literally, if you can imagine).

Immediately I took her to the vet to check if she inhaled too much smoke, but she was fine. The fire hadn’t started to expand at all, just a plug and intercom burned, and our little heroine had absolutely nothing happen except for soot. Hardest was that with white fur, for two - three weeks she as all gray.

This is the story about my little Cookie, who brings a smile to my face every time I see her; she often covers her mouth with her paws and looks sideways just to see if I see her, then comes to my legs stretching like a cat :))

What a story, Iulia - so glad Cookie was not harmed! Thanks for writing in again... Jo

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