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Prissy got her puppy dog wings 8-2010
by: Anonymous

Prissy Liane
Is at rainbow bridge.She didnot make the cut and earned her puppy dogs wings in Aug2010:(:(.It did not come at my wanting her to get them but someone else is all I can say.
I miss her will always have her spirit close to me and feel her love.She is greatly Missed by me every day, but one day soon I will see her. Prissy was loved for what little bit of time she had on the earth. Prissy Mommy loves you and will see you soon.

Cute Puppy!!!
by: tabitha

Miss prissy is adorable! I bet she is a great dog!!!

Miss Prissy and Patches
by: vIKI

Heidi is one of my best friends, and Patches and I took her and Miss Prissy out for "girls day out" but most importantly -- Miss Prissy's first "training day out". We wandered around some thrift stores (my favorite kind!) cause there are lots of bizarre smells in a thrift store. Of course, we had to buy some things because that was part of the girls day out! Then we ate lunch at the bbq place that was Patches first restaurant to be in...and Hannah's first restaurant to be in! It was a tradition after all...

Then we all went to my doctor's appointment, where the staff and doctor all ooohed and aaahhed at the new pup (and pet Patches too). I wouldn't go to a doctor that didn't have staff like that -- after all, they are the ones that give SHOTS. Ha!!

After the doctor's we went to the drug store, where we played with "noisy" kids toys...part of the fun of having a puppy in training! They have to ignore the noises when they are older, because you don't want them to listen to things like that and lose focus on taking care of you.

Miss Prissy was wonderful (of course she is still very much a baby and sleeps most of the time) with only a few times of stress licking and yawns. Patches however was afraid that Miss Prissy was coming HOME with us and wanted nothing to do with her. The last time a puppy was in "her" car was Hannah. I think Patches was telling me not to be bringing home any more SISTERS!!

Guess I will have to look for a brother then...smiles!!!

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