No pull dog harness

by Teresa

If I could patent this no pull dog harness idea I would.

I took an eight-foot leash and regular collar and hooked it to my Lacey as usual. Then I wrapped the leash part under her belly so that it was snug against the front legs and brought the leash up to the top and through the space to the other side like a loop. Voila, a harness without the strap front which causes pulling!

Jo's note: Teresa, that sounds like an effective way to decrease pulling on a dog's neck and gain control. However, if you were going to do this on a regular basis, you would probably want to sew the leash parts to each other to prevent chafing on the dog.

You might also need to add padding to various parts, again to prevent chafing. Fake or regular sheepskin, quilted materials, or foam covered with fabric or vinyl are some of the possibilities of materials to use.

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Good alternative
by: Jo

Sounds like a great alternative - thanks for clarifying the details, Lacey's mom!

by: charlottew657

Thanks for the great information! I really loved the way you have put this in a chat type of
environment. Your article was really easy to understand!
Thanks again!

more instructions
by: Anonymous

To Anonymous: Sorry no picture, but just wrap leash round the belly up through the top on the other side so the part you put under belly ends up on top. Also make sure the leash is directly behind the front legs - it should look like a traditional harness which will loosen or tighten when needed. I've been walking Lacey for over two weeks now this way and she was a beast on all that we've tried. This way she behaves cause she knows the leash will tighten if she doesn't. Anyways thanks for posting - if you need more help just post. I'll answer the best I can. Lots of luck. T Shay, Lacey's mom

no pull harness...interesting!!
by: Anonymous

This is a very interesting idea! Any chance you could include a photo, so I know I'm getting the design right ? I have a friend whose dog is a total BEAST on a traditional leash, but when they use the Gentle Leader "Halti" on him (the face halter thing) he thrashes around like he absolutely hates it, and no one enjoys the walk. Maybe they could try this--and if for some reason it doesn't work for them, they aren't out any money!

I just LOVE this website.

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