Old dog and slippery stairs

by Sarah

Greta the 14 year old pointer waiting for a belly rub

Greta the 14 year old pointer waiting for a belly rub

Greta the 14 year old pointer waiting for a belly rub
Greta at the dock


Hello! I have been fascinated with all of your ramp solutions however I haven't found a solution to meet our needs. We have a 14 yr old pointer who is not as graceful as she once was. While she doesn't have any medical issues, she sometimes slips down or up our wood stairs. We have two staircases of normal steepness with 6-8 steps each. I have thought about a ramp as you have previously posted however they all seem so wide. Our staircases would be overcome by a ramp making the human trip up and down tricky. It would probably help to mention that our 14yr old thinks she is still 2 and remains very active as most pointers do, plowing up and down the stairs sometimes. But it isn't always these rambunctious trips that cause her to fall.

It might also help to mention that we have two younger kids who are just as active (or more!) as the dog. Is there a compromise to provide safety on the wood stairs for both humans and pointers in our home? I've hesitated to do anything to damage the stairs and have also considered having our dog wear booties with a non slip pad, but that seems like a band-aid for a growing problem.
Thanks for any ideas you have!


Hello Sarah, and thank you for outlining your situation regarding
your old dog and slippery stairs. It sounds like you do not necessarily need a dog ramp at this time as your dog is still quite active. However, should you wish to add one, note that like our dog stairs, our ramps are scalable to any width you choose (see Mini Style Stairs for an example).

Our personal mantra is to always put safety and health first. Therefore, I would opt for causing possible damage to the stairs rather than risking the safety of your children or dog. Wood is easier to repair than a broken neck or spinal cord...

In that light, I would suggest you look for some type of non-skid material to cover the stairs such as pieces of rubber matting from an automobile salvage yard. You could also consider adding strips of textured carpet, or bumper pads made of foam with some type of material covering. Folks at your local Ace or True Value Hardware store are likely to have more experience in this area, especially regarding the latest products, so check with them for ideas as well.

Please do let us know what solution you chose regarding taking care of your old dog and slippers stairs - you could add that information as a comment to this page or create a separate submission. Photos of your dog (and the rest of the family too) would also be welcome!

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Jul 21, 2014
Covered the stairs
by: Sarah

Thanks Johanna! We opted for the stair covering fix and are happy with the results thus far. We will see how Greta does on them long-term but so far it has been a success. I've attached two photos of our lovely old girl :-)

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