Peanut Butter Sock Balls

Roll unsweetened natural peanut butter into balls inside socks and freeze them! My dogs love them and it's simple and easy. Your dogs will love it...

Editor's note: Hello, thank you for this idea for an unusual dog toy. It looks like it could also double as a treat. Note that we have altered the directions a bit based on what you wrote for your title. If you disagree with these directions, you can add your comments below and we will change it on your page.

Since you did not specify the type of peanut butter, we thought we would mention the healthier option, which is without sugar or corn syrup. Salt free would be even more preferable.

A variation on the above idea could be where you just smear peanut butter inside a clean old sock, knot the ends, freeze it, and turn it into a tug toy...

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