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Pebbles Got Game
by: Jim & Liz

Yes Pebbles is a very cute dog. She has made lots of moves in four years. The first 3+ she was living in San Jose, Ca. with her then owner Jesse and her buddy little Jesse. She then moved in with us, (Jim & Liz) in Carson City, Nv.

She likes you to think she cannot jump so that she gets your help and with that the 2 leggers contact. But when she gets excited to see you sometimes she will jump up to your waist. It's because she is so cute that we help her up anyway.
We do miss the little Twinkie. Jim $ Liz.

by: Viki Gentilman

Pebbles, it is so good to see you! You are beautiful...and you now have a great family. I read about your trip to the mountain and how you tried to jump over logs because the family was...but you don't have to worry ~ be your own dog and they will still love you! Dare to be different and go under the will be much easier!

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