Personalized Dog Harness

by Bobbi Meredith
(Marietta, GA)

Holiday harness from above

Holiday harness from above

Holiday harness from above
Belly side of harness
harness on leash and in play
Add trim to summer harness

Make a personalized dog harness for each season of the year, including holidays!

Each personalized dog harness is easy to make and can be adapted to fit any size dog.

I make them for my Katie (an English Pointer with a 17" neck, 29" chest, 19" waist and 28" from neck to tail) and for friends' dogs that I pet sit which are much smaller. I also made one for a dog that weighed 130 lbs (Great Pyrenees).

I took a harness that I purchased at a pet supply store that slips over the dog's head and between the front legs, with one side sliding through the loop on the back and fastening on the other side. I then folded it in half and traced it out on paper to make the pattern.

Next I use seasonal fabric and line it with upholstery fabric for strength, sewing it according to the pattern. I use belting of matching colors and even make a leash to match sometimes.

You can try a one-layer summer harness and put trim around the edges. Flowers and bows make a nice addition. Pair it with a skirt for a complete outfit. Making matching 'bracelets' from scraps with elastic to scrunch them up and keep them on their legs make a nice addition as long as you do not make the bracelets too tight.

I purchase leashes and adjustable collars from dollar stores and use the hardware on my harness/leash. This is so much cheaper than buying new hardware.

I will try to do a video showing measuring and making a harness next month.

Hello Bobbi,
Thank you for this wonderful description and photos for making a personalized dog harness to match the time of year. We feel sure this will be a hit with our visitors.

We look forward to receiving the video...

We loved the tip about purchasing dollar store leashes and harnesses for the hardware. However, in your experience, are the snaps and hooks strong enough for larger dogs?

All the best, Jo

P.S. You will notice that I changed your original title - this is to ensure that your page receives the maximum number of visitors possible.

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Choose bright colors
by: Johanna

Hi Henry,

I think any bright primary colors would be a good choice.

by: Henry

I have a puppy and I have been thinking about making such a beautiful harness for my dear puppy. She in black color and so could you please suggest the best color combination to make it? I will wait for your reply.

by: judy

we got a new puppy and i was thinking of making him some and your advice was great , i was thinking had be a cheaper way for hardware :)

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