Homemade Plastic Bottle Dog Toys

Make your own plastic bottle dog toys!

Bottle in a sock with face added

Given how many plastic bottles are used and discarded every day, there's no shortage of materials to make these.

Visitor Contributions

The remaining unique, easy-to-make dog toys on this page have been contributed by visitors to our site. We thank them all!

Below are a few of their innovative projects (to see how they made them and view additional entries, scroll down to the bottom to access the links).

Some folks choosing to remain  anonymous came up with the following:

  • Baseball Tug Toy
  • Cat Fetch Toy
  • Hand Toy

And here are a few more intriguing write ups we received:

  • Revamped dog ball by Emily from New Mexico
  • Frozen Tennis Ball Dog Teething Toy by "I" from Pennsylvania
  • Plush Golf Club Covers for Dog Toys by Dale from New York
  • Bouncy Scented String Looper by Laura from Connecticut
  • Dog Runner by Skyler from California
  • Recycled Paper Towel Tubes by Jessica from Wisconsin
  • The Slippery Go Around Dog Toy by Sarah from Victoria
  • Vibrating Tennis Ball Dog Toy by Lisa from Idaho
  • Weirdest Dog Toy Alive: Captain Underpants by Allison from North Carolina

Dog Toys with Bottles & Treats

Simple Dog Toy With Treats by Kara, MA

First you need a regular plastic bottle (can be a 2 liter one too it doesnt matter.) If it still has water, you can empty it into your dog's water dish. We are recycling at the same time! Now put some treats in the bottle, like my dog, Molly, likes milk bones and goldfish, but she does NOT like too crackly a sound. Also remember to peel the paper off it. Your dog can swallow it and that's not good is it?

Now shake it above your dog's head to show it's his/her toy now and once he/she tries to get it, throw across the room or yard and watch your dog chase and bat at it. I think it works best with no hole and the cap closed so no treats get out. Once in a while give your dog a treat from inside it.

Comment by Jess:

Hi, i tried this; however, my 7 mth old Labby got bored receiving nothing for his efforts. So I cut 3 holes, about 2 inches long, and 1 cm wide. and that way when he rolls it on the ground, treats roll out. He loves it a lot.

Furry Bottle Shaker by Linda (Lancaster, CA)

Start with a plastic soda bottle any size. Insert a few pieces of dog food. Screw the lid on tight. Give it a few shakes and make sure it has a good rattle. Cover the whole thing in fake fur, burlap, or any other tough fabric. I sew fur into a tube and sew up one end with the sewing machine. Insert the bottle and then hand sew it closed with Dental floss. That way the fur can be removed and reused it the toy gets flattened.

My dogs love to bite the toy and hear it snap and rattle. It is a great way to get my Collie puppy's attention by shaking it. It is by far the best dog toy (besides Frisbee) that we have owned

Interesting Water Bottle by Annie (Nova Scotia, Canada)

If you take one of those golf club covers that are fake fur on one end, knit like a sock on the other end, and put an empty water bottle with the cap removed inside of it you will have a very
interested pooch. I found some in a junk store for 50 cents each.

My dog plays tug with it. I will allow him to lie on the floor with it crunching the bottle that is encased in the fur. I have seen similar toys on the Clean Run site but of course they were way more expensive. I have terriers and I believe they pretend that they are crushing something to death. Test drive one and you'll see what I mean. It's way too much fun LOL.

The Maracas by Viki Gentilman, FL

This homemade dog toy is also known as the Rowdy Noise Maker!

Take a soda or water bottle that has been emptied by the human and recycle it into a toy that your dog can make music with!

What you need: empty PLASTIC bottle, unpopped popcorn kernels (those that didn't pop in the bag work well) and a bit of glue.

How to assemble: put the unpopped kernels in the bottle, glue the top to the bottle and give it to the dog. Let them figure out what to do. If they are part goat like my girls, leave the paper label on so they can first shred that off. This allows them to also get used to the idea that this new toy makes noise.

WARNING!! This toy can be very annoying at times -- once the dog figures out that running with the maracas in its mouth makes a satisfying rowdy noise the games are on. Do not give this to a dog when you have a headache. grins!!

I would include a picture but it would just be a blur of white somewhat like my home is haunted by a ghost (perfect for Halloween, right?) My girl Hannah LOVES her maracas and runs up and down the hallway, around the couch and through the kitchen then back to the hallway. It is quite the sight (an 80 lb Great Pyrenees puppy) and sound (the maracas!)

Pull the Cork Out by Anna

Get a bottle and put a couple of treats in it. Put a cork in the opening and attach a string to the cork. Your dog will have fun trying to pull the cork out to get the treats. Only watch out to see that he doesn't swallow the cork!

Double Bottle Excitement by Chloe

What you need:
2 empty bottles (soft drink bottles)
masking tape
beads, pasta or anything that rattles

What to do:
Fill one bottle with paper and the other with beads. Tape them together with masking tape. Wrap strong rope around the middle so that it lasts longer. That's it.

My little dog spends hours playing with it - one time she fell asleep with it in her mouth. This toy is a good way to distract your dog from chewing on furniture. And it wears them out really fast.

Editor's note: Chloe, this sounds like a great unusual dog toy, especially if it makes a dog tired! We are assuming that you line the bottles up with the tops (skinny ends) touching each other... Note that for bigger dogs we would recommend duct tape rather than masking tape as it will resist teeth better, especially if you use a few layers. Also, we would take the rope and make sure the end is twisted inside the last few wraps of rope to make sure it stays on there.

Ice Bottle Dog toy by Anonymous

You take a plastic bottle, rip off the paper label then fill the bottle with crushed ice. It's simple and makes a nice rattle. Make sure the cap is closed tightly. Whoosh! You're done.

My dogs love ice so they play with it till the ice melts. When it does just pour the melted ice in to his water bowl. TA-DA!!!

Other Unusual Dog Toy Ideas

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Dr. Hangy Stretch 
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Kitty Sock Puppet 
I am planning a new dog toy for Shakespear! It is called a Kitty Sock. How to make it: 1 sock; black or purple felt; needle and threadoptional

Flavored frozen sock for dogs 
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Puppy Freezer Chews
(Can be used for older dogs too)
This is best for puppies who are teething, but you can also use it for older dogs who chew a lot. Materials - water (just running water like a faucet), …

Bouncy scented string looper 
My dog LOVES this; it is her favorite toy. Take a sock, fill it with tissues and 2 tennis balls, and attach a shirt so it has your scent and you can …

Unusual Dog Chew Toy:
Dinosaur Bone
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Indesctructible Dog Toy: PVC Pipe - large round corners 
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The Moving Beam 
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Baseball Tug Toy 
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How to make dog toys:
Tennis Ball Slingshot
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WANTED: Durable dog toy
for very energetic Boxer
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Unusual dog toy:
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The slippery go around dog toy 
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fleece rope dog toy 
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Unusual dog toys:
Curtain tunnels/maze
My puppy Bruno, a 7 month old golden lab, loves to hide, and then sneak up on us and bark. So we made our loungeroom and kitchen into a curtain maze. …

dog bone toy:
the gizzz
i made it out of felt and rubber every time my puppy sees it he gets really excited and starts jumping around. HE LOVES IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

how to make dog toys:
sling bird
I made it out of a tennis ball and a feather and this might be gross but i put a little bird urine on it to give it that smell that triggers the hunting …

Vibrating Tennis Ball Dog Toy 
This toy is not for every dog and our dog doesn't play with it unsupervised as she can be "Hard on the Equipment". I found one of those vibrating cat …