Plastic Dog Toys

Plastic dog toys are a favorite toy for many people to make. Most of the ideas on this page involve a plastic bottle, milk jug, or lid - meaning that they are made from materials that are normally recycled or else thrown out.

Lets look at some of these creative toys described by our site visitors:

Plastic Dog Toys Stuffed Inside

Crunchy Stuffed Animal
by Tess from Bainbridge Island, Washington

This is a great way to take a discarded plastic water bottle and give it a new purpose:

  1. Take an old stuffed animal that your kids have discarded. Be sure to check for choking hazards like button eyes or noses. Remove those and sew on felt eyes or some other safe alternative. Cut open a seam in the back and remove stuffing.

  2. Stuff with an empty disposable water bottle (discard its lid). You can replace some of the stuffing around the bottle to make the shape of the toy look better.

  3. Sew up the back seam of the stuffed animal.

When your dog bites down on the toy, it will make a pleasing crinkly sound. I have a puppy rat terrier and it is her favorite toy. I used a small monkey stuffed animal and actually cut down the bottle to fit. The plastic still makes a very nice crinkly sound.

Sock a Roo by Amy from Florida

Take an old clean sock. Insert an empty water bottle. Tie a knot at the end...

There ya go - toss it for crunchy, noisy fun!

Plastic Dog Toys with Treats or Kibble

Milkshake by Barbara Carpenter from Cleveland, Ohio

Our dog always loved chewing on and playing with plastic milk jugs, so we made it more interesting. Since most dogs like to chew soft plastic, this is a great toy for chewers.

Take an empty plastic gallon milk jug and throw the screw on top away. Add some small dog treats (hard, crunchy ones make the best noise). Show this to your dog and give it a shake, then pour out a couple treats.

He/she will soon figure out they have to roll and/or shake the bottle to get the reward. It takes awhile for them to get them all out.

Don't be surprised when your dog brings the bottle back for a refill!

Interactive Dog Treat Toy by Nicole Dautreppe

This is one of my dog's favorite plastic dog toys!!!=D

All you have to do is get a plastic container and put some of your dog's favorite treats inside. Then make some holes with scissors to ensure the treats will be able to come out.

After that just show it to your dog and he will start to flip it and try to get the treats out. If he takes too long, help him a bit because otherwise he will give up.

Dog Treat Swing Toy by Nicole Dautreppe

All you have to do is get a plastic container like a milk carton and make small holes close to the top, one on each side, so you can tie it onto a rope.

Then put dog treats in the carton. Make one hole in the carton big enough so your dog can get the treats out. Tie the rope onto a tree branch but make sure it does NOT hit the ground. Then all you do is swing it and your dog will try to get the treats out.


Puppy Rattle by an anonymous contributor

I put a handful of puppy food in a large plastic bottle and put the cap on and my Yorkipoo likes to carry it, shake it, roll it, run with it and make noise with it.

PVC Pipe Dog Toys by Jeff from Illinois

I made a PVC pipe toy using 3 inches of 3/4 inch pipe and a treat. I put the treat in the pipe and then only give it to them when supervised. They won't chew through the pipe or break their teeth.

Plastic Dog Toys: Other Filling Materials

Water Bottle Roll by Sandy Caicedo from Pennsylvania

My dog loves a 2 liter plastic soda bottle filled with water. It slides all over the floor and every time the dog tries to to get it, it gets away from it.

Just make sure if your dog does get it he doesn't break it and swallow pieces. Always keep an eye on your dog.

Pop Bottle Fun by Rachel from North Carolina

My dog cannot get enough of a two-liter plastic bottle with rocks or pennies or marbles inside of them. We remove the label and replace the bottles every time we go through another water or soda.

My dog has two, an inside one and an outside one. He chases them constantly and pushes them everywhere. Just be prepared to not be able to hear anything other than the toy if you allow it to be an inside toy.

Rattle Bottle Toy by Annie from Melbourne, Australia

Easy toy! Put some dog food or pebbles or coloured beads into a soft drink bottle. Add the cap and duct tape it so nothing spills out.
Dogs can roll or bat it or carry it around as they please.
Make sure your dog is not going to chew it to pieces...

The Awesome Empty Milk Jug
by David Whitman from Wichita, Kansas

It's great for indoors - all I do is get an empty milk jug and throw it down the hall. Then my dog goes running after it and he just keeps kicking the milk jug and running after it again and again. This is kind of noisy but extremely funny, and it lets my dog get lots of exercise and fun.

Empty Water Bottle by Ruby from Missouri

Drink a water bottle, leave the lid off, throw at your dog and I'm sure your dog will love it just as much as mine!

Well, that's the rundown on favorite plastic dog toys. As you can see, there's really no need to go out and buy a specific plastic toy since you can so easily make one from stuff you have at home!