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Plastic Yarn Bubble

by Nikki

To make the Plastic Yarn Bubble dog toy you will need:

. any type of colored yarn
. clear plastic wrap
. 1 rubber band
. a pair of scissors

First, you cut about 2 feet of yarn and smash it into a ball. Next, you take out a piece of plastic wrap, put the yarn in the center of it and use the rubber band to tie the plastic wrap so the yarn looks like it's in a bubble. Finally, you blow air inside the plastic wrap. Just in case, you could tie another plastic wrap around the first layer.

Editor's note: Nikki, that sounds like a fun idea, especially if the dog starts to chew and pop the bubbles! However, we would urge you to put the entire ball inside some other type of fabric such as a couple of layers of socks to avoid the dog shredding the plastic into little bits and swallowing them. In any case, you will still need to be close to your dog and watching him/her when they chew on this toy.

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