Plush golf club covers for dog toys

by Dale Ketcham
(Huntington, Long Island, NY)

I board Labrador retrievers in my home. They have free run of the house and 1/4 yard. To encourage sharing, there are bones and toys all over the place so that no dog feels possessive over something.

Labs can be rough players and stuffed animals don't last long here when two dogs start a tug-a-war with them. I frequent rummage sales and thrift shops looking for cheap entertainment for them and now snatch up sets of plush golf club covers that they make to put over "woods." You can get a set of four for a couple of bucks. They are thick and plush and long enough for a tug-a-war. I find they last forever and the dogs have a great deal of fun just carrying them around in their mouths.

Dale, thanks for this great tip. Many people have trouble finding inexpensive dog toys that last so this is a real winner! Jo

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Webmaster, the message posted by 'pauldavis985' from fri. apr. 27 is spam, so it's better to delete it. His link points to a site which has nothing to do with the subject.

Thank you so much for pointing that out - the links were not visible when I posted this. Jo

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